cleaning toro. need help!

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  1. ok so I'm having a dilemma. I have a stemless toro with alot of percs and it just isn't coming clean! but I clean it pretty regularly and any other time ISO and salt worked like a charm. I've tried for days! It soaked in ISO and salt overnight. I tried boiling hot water.. 420 cleaner and I even went to the last resort and tried vinegar hoping the acid would help... n soda... no luck.. the glass at the bottom of it looks foggy or something it's driving me crazy.. please help!

    I think its foggy from cleaning it with nail polish remover in a last resort move a couple weeks ago.. is that possible? :devious:
  2. Simple green is all ya need
  3. you shouldnt have used boiling hot water. that made it so the resin is now a part of the glass and will not come out [ame=]Bootcamp - How to Clean a Bong - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Grunge Off.

  5. if it's a white stain that's hard water dude. And grunge off or any degreaser like that won't remove it. Try and get some cascade with phosphates. it is discontinued but you can still find it in bargain warehouse stores, and stuff like that.
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    Soak overnight in either simple green or oxi-clean... I still haven't found anything that will take out stains from smoking BHO/wax though...I found windex did best against the oils.
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    @just619> So far he is the only one that came close to giving you the correct advise [also- please NEVER post 'tang and chubbs' as an ANSWER again- they are wrong with almost everything they say. I mean would YOU listen to someone that fails to clean EVERY glass he owns EVER- with the same mistake each time??!)

    The 'foggyness' is a hard water sediment stain- likely calcium or phosphates from the oils being cleaned by iso repeatedly. You NEED an acid. Formic acid will work wonders- so will vinegar if you keep it hot and let it sit for a long time- citric acid and phosphoric acid will work very nicely also.

    IF the acid does NOT clean it (and by 'clean it' after soaking in an acid- the foggy stain should flake off like soggy tissue paper') then you have an ORGANIC deposit- STUCK on the surface of an INORGANIC sediment stain- use ANY type of base- THEN use an acid after wards.

    >seriously- NEVER listen to anything 'tang and chubb' say- they know NOTHING- they teach 'how to clean a bong' and cannot clean their own.
    Just because they have a med-card- and more money than sense- does not make them worth listening to.

  8. BootCamp Sucks!!! Just do straight Nuggetry
    For two reasons: 1 Better reviews
    2. Better bud
  9. I dont know what makes my head hurt more . . . when they say "we dont use ash catchers- because you have to change the water too often" . . . . or when they show an ENTIRE glass collection ALL resin'd up because they FAILED the exact same way cleaning them . . ... and they give LESSONS on how to clean??
  10. Mr Johnny is right. You need a good acid to remove those stains because of the organic nature. Lemon juice(citric acid) or vinegar(acetic acid) will work wonders for you.
  11. yep- if the stain has been there a while- or if other products have touched the stain- you MAY have inorganic scale stuck to the stain> in which case- use a little basic chem. (i wouldnt advise putting drano- or CLR into your bong- but a similar substnce- or sodium hydroxide)

    THEN use an acid- and the stain should come off.

    And once again- NEVER listen to advise on how to clean a bong- from people that throw out their pieces because they do not understand that water does not clean resin.
  12. Basic chemistry helps a lot in this business, from which solvents are safe to extract hash to how to simply clean a stain.
  13. yep- I do contracting work for industrial cleaning.. we do alot of work with Water To Air Surface Coolers (wasc) which are basically multi-million dollar bongs . . .

    they get problems with exchange ratio (ie the wasc isnt drawing big enough toke- so there is vacuum somewhere) or tar build-ups- or water sediments on the water side.

    Acids and bases. Thats all it takes

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