Cleaning throw back glass

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  1. Ok so a few years ago i got locked up, now I am out and probation is over the smoken has begun once again.

    So I went to my brothers to get some old glass pieces that he stored for me while I was locked up. They were stored DIRTY in an attic for 3 years and obviously now they are filthy. the 2 bongs are horrible even though they were in their own case then a card board box. The old resin and what not is just nasty.

    There were also about 4 grinders with weed and keef (the weed and keef turned a dark brown orange color and hardened) in them and a hitter box full of 3 yr old dank

    Is the glass cleanable? I have tried orange chronic and formula 420 with no luck, right now they are running under hot water.

    Please help, I miss my bongs!

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  2. Iso alcohol
  3. indeed.

    I'd go with 91% iso and some salt, may take a few times though, and may want to soak them in the iso overnight.

    Or if you'd like to spend the $$, its hard to beat some grunge off.

    Also you may want to try tossing them in the dishwasher to heat up and loosen some of the resin.
  4. What the dude up above me said, but get kosher salt, not just regular table salt. Kosher salt is courser and knocks the debris around. Let the iso sit in there for a few mins, pour the salt in shake real good, and viola....
  5. Thanks for the input..............
    will the iso prop damage the rubber seal? Will it change the taste? just curious I will try it
  6. you should be able to remove the rubber seal. when i had a grommit bong i took the seal/downstem out when i cleaned it. and it shouldnt really damage it, might discolor it some, but make sure you rinse it out really well with water after you clean it. As longa s you rinse well it wont change the taste.
  7. Aye, remove any gaskets or rubber, then pretty much ISO (91%+) the whole thing. It removes the nastiest, dankest shit from pieces that friends have given to me because they didn't want to clean them. I ended up with some nice shit and even a vape because of it. Dude didn't know what to do when the hoses got all nasty.
  8. just get yourself 91% iso like they said i use epsom salt a bigger grain of salt i think better abrasive, it wont affect the rubber gromit i used iso and epsom on my "arts" 2nd generation JBD once a week to every other week nothing happened, and just rinse it out with water until u cant really smell the alcohol smell
  9. Thanks for the help

    One of them is soaking right now.............

  10. Haha. you better have made some of that whip hash after you cleaned it. That shit knocks your socks off.
  11. I use Simple Green and it works better than Iso+Salt in my opinion. $5.96 for 2L of 30x concentrate at Wal-Mart. I don't dilute it.
  12. I use 91% iso and as an abrasive I use powder dishwasher soap. It works better than just salt - its designed specifically to clean glass, and it takes a lot less shaking and scrubbing than just salt.
  13. This shit is just caked on after 3 years of attic heating and freezing.....I think it is going to take several times and maybe several methods.........

    Anybody wanna smoke that keef? I was thinkin about throwin it in the press with some heat and seein what happens

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