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  1. How often does everyone clean here pipe,bong,vape, etc.

    I usually clean about once every 2-3 weeks. Never boil because of how much it weakens the glass, I run through HOT tap water for about 5 minutes and most everything cleans right up, then I get a ziplock and put iso-alcohol with salt in the beg and shake for a minute or two for good measure.

    When pipes get to clogged up it gets harder to hit and when you burn it you fry a lot of it up. A waste of bud and taste when you smoke out of a dirty pipe.
  2. once a week with grunge off. fresh water every time. any longer is discusting.
  3. All pieces other than hammers and spoons are cleaned every night. I was a dill hole to my pieces for a while, and never cleaned them. Now, if my bubbler bowl isn't spotless, or my tubes aren't squeaky clean, I twitch a little until it is beautiful.
  4. I let my spoons go for months. I know some of you are going to say it's disgusting, but I used them because they're so convenient. Cleaning them less often just makes them more convenient. I would clean them once I noticed a decrease in airflow and out of boredom.

    For my bong I cleaned it ever couple weeks.

    I let my MFLB get plenty of sticky residue inside the stem because I felt it added to the flavor. Plus it takes forever to build up anyway so I pretty much only cleaned that when I was taking t-breaks.

    Since I broke my last bong on 4/21 and it cost me so much I haven't been smoking much at all. Only when other people offer it, and even then I decline a lot because I'm trying to use this as a long t-break. Once in a while I'll get a couple medicated cookies but thats all I need. So right now all my pieces have been spotless since then.
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    Man I saw that thread. I think I shed a tear for that fallen piece. I'm with you on the spoons, as convenience is the only reason I own dry pieces, and they still rarely get used. I'm just a freak about clean pieces that use water, even my 'lock bubbler. Every picture I post of it, it will always be spotless. Plus, it feels good when you go to load that first bowl and see that your piece is clean. You don't remember cleaning it most of the time, but the results just make for that much of a better smoke.
  6. I clean my bong every 1.5 -2 weeks. I change the water every use, though.
    I boil my pipes once in a while.
  7. Dry pipes, every few sessions or every time I smoke.

    Bongs, everytime I use it. when you dont let it sit for long its A LOT easier to clean.

    I would compare it to leaving your dishes dirty. dont leave it around, it should be clean when you put your mouth on it for another session

    Iso+salt, Grunge Off, Simple Green.
  8. For wet pieces I rinse them with hot water at the end of each day if I used them. But I don't do real cleaning with iso+salt or Simple Green unless it's been at least a week or two.
  9. I have broken too many wet pieces lately. I'm on a self imposed hiatus with owning them for the moment. My daily pieces, just a spoon and a couple chillums, only get cleaned when they start getting hard to hit. I have a buddy who is developing a bong cleaner that is pretty legit. Its a wet vac system that you can run water or a cleaner through. I have seen his prototype at work and it is pretty amazing. Ill give everyone a heads up when its out if anyone's interested.
  10. i clean my bongs after every use
  11. okay so here`s what im confused about, when people say they clean their bong once a week or once every two weeks, does that mean that is when they actually clean it fully, or are you just changing the water....because if you are just changing the water....that's gross
  12. real bong smokers.. bong smokers: know to differentiate between a cleaning and water changing.
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    Quoted for truth.
  14. 12 times a day. everyday.

    nah i clean mine whenever it gets too disgusting to smoke from
    usually after about 2 weeks its had ~3 ounces pulled through it and i actually NEED to clean it.\

    the bong on the other hand gets cleaned probably twice a week... i dont use it unless im low on pot or friends are over anymore.
  15. i regularly rinse the glass with warm water and flush it all out. every two-three sittings. once a week i use epsom salt and hot water, just hot enough to where it takes a second for your hand to adjust. any hotter is a risk of cracks from sitting it on something cold. also if you do use hot water, slowly change the temp of the water until its back to cold, otherwise she will break or crack.
  16. once a week with SG and a water pik(for those hard to reach spots ;) )
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    Maybe on fragile glass, spoons, and slides. I've been cleaning bongs for years and have never had a crack. I clean with ES, hot water, and 99% iso. I know I have changed the temp of the water from hot to cold a little dramatic before, and I've never had anything like that happen. Not saying you are not correct, just saying it's not that big of a deal, as long as it's not boiling water, and you're not using shoddy constructed glass.
  18. Change the water everyday, and rinse it everyday, but only do a real cleaning once every 1-2 weeks.

    I have friends that use rez-block they change their water once a week.

  19. Change water once a week? That is pretty nasty. It is pretty easy to change bong water.

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