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Cleaning questions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GanjaBat, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. In a few weeks I will be flying back home from the Netherlands, and I would like to take my pipe "collection" back with me. I know that the airports don't care if you have glass pipes in your suitcase as long as they've never been used. I've flown with unused pieces before (bringing back as gifts) and never had a problem. But all of these pipes have been used, a lot.

    So, my question would be, how can I clean them most effectively to get ALL of the resin out, and the smell. Would boiling it for a while take care of it? Is it even possible to completely get rid of the smell after it has been used? If I was to get busted at the airport (amsterdam) with half a dozen pipes, what would happen? Would they just take them or would I be in deep crap? I will not be taking any weed back with me, thats just stupid. But I'm not really sure about the paraphenalia laws, especially comeing from a country where its all legal.

    Would it be safer just to get a box and mail them back? I have a bong I'm probably gonna try to mail back anyways, cause its too big to fit in the suitcase, but I'm not gonna have my name or address anywhere on the package and I'm gonna send it to a friend of a friends house that doesn't know me and vice versa just to be on the safe side. I figure the worst that happens is customs confiscates it and I'm no worse off than not trying to send it.

    So, suggestions?
  2. alcohol yes. 91% dont let it sit for 9 hours.. I clean mine in 10 minutes at the MOST. Get a glass, bowl, whatever that can hold the peice, fill it up with the peice in it, put it in the microwave for about 1-2 minutes. or until it's about to boil. for a bong, put thick thick paper towels in the stem and pour to hot alcohol down in there until clean. this works wonderful :) avg. 91% alcohol bottle at wal-mart, $0.78.

  3. Unfortunately, I don't think walmart exists in the Netherlands. I have tried looking for rubbing alcohol, but can't find the stuff ANYWHERE. I did try vodka, and that helped, but didn't get it all (I think its only like37% alc) I might try some higher proof liquor. I also tried boiling last night, and again, it helped but didn't get all of it out of the hard to reach areas. I'm kind of wary about sending my entire collection through the mail because I have had difficulties with packages taking forever to get through to the US (like 3 months) and I also had a friend try to send something from here to the US and it got returned to him. If I send it now, and it was returned, I probably would already be gone. We are talking about atleast $200 worth of stuff here, plus it would be like atleast $20 to send it I'm sure. So does anybody know the official rules about stuff like this on airplanes, or is it just up to whoever finds it and if they are feeling generous at the time or not?
  4. Oh, I don't give a crap about smoking the resin either, not when I can buy some of the best bud in the world for $12 (or less) a gram 15 minutes from my apartment ;)
  5. Many people recommend isopropyl rubbing alcohol, but it's not an eco-friendly product.
    It's flammable & toxic, plus it's not for cleaning all pipe materials.

    I have found a new way to get my favorite piece professionally in my own sink. It's called Green Hits Pipe Cleaning Kit. It's got 22 pieces of pipe cleaning necessities, including a 6” brush, 16-6” cotton swabs & 4oz abrasive salt supply (for the heavy stuff). This all-natural super soy cleaner leaves no residue, no odor and no aftertaste, all in less then 1 minute. Conveniently stored in a stout 7” reusable tube. Use the Daily Green Kit to keep your stanky stuff clean and tidy. Check out their website, it's got good prices and cute stuff!

    Green Hits …Gotta Have 'Em!
  6. Well, usually any liquit that burns without being heated in advance will do the trick. Vodka's a good idea, but too weak. Go to a drug store, ask'em for desinfection ALCOHOL (NOT that shit with chlorine or iodine).
    Or you can purchase gasoline, lighter fuel, flammables for outdoor cooking, etc at a gas-station. That should help.
  7. woh there green hits gal i hope u got paid for that indorsement ;-)
  8. i think i can be of good help...i used to live in holland and i flew threw amsterdam with pipes as well... The customes checked them out, and seemed to me minorly concerned, but they didnt end up confenscating them, and they were farely well used. Two i cleaned by hot water and picking with a toothpic, and one i didnt bother to clean cuz i was to lazy, and they didnt mind... I supose it depends on your custom guy. one untrue statement is that weed is leggall in hooland, although it is illegal, a blind eye is offcialy turned to an oz or less, and usuely the amount does not matter. I woudl not worry too much about it, you can always put them in carry on too..your prbably good that way. to be safe after you cean them give a little febreese and put them in wrappign paper so they think there gifts. later
  9. Thats cool man, thanks for the reply. I did find some rubbing alcohol finally, so I'm gonna clean em up as good as I can with that. So you think keeping them in carry on is better than checked lugage? I have some bubble wrap that it came in that I was gonna wrap it up with. Thought about even getting some pipe tobacco and burning a bowl through it and keeping the tobacco with the pipe so I can say its for tobacco.
  10. lol, thats a good idea, but customes will probably lagh at you and ask if you will seel them some weed, its fuckin Amsterdam..the greatest place on earth..unfortunatly airport regulations have to include american regulations..god....lets all move to amsterdam and live in apartmenst and drive volkwgons and wear tidie(spelling?) and say peace and smoek pot and roll acid...are own modern day european anti-war down
  11. They can laugh all they want, but if it means the difference between getting in trouble or not, or them taking my piece, then I'm all for it.

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