Cleaning Pipes.

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Alright, i did a search, and found some threads, but nothing that really made me clear how to do the Rubbing Alcohol method..I have 4 pipes i wanna clean, and i wanna smoke the how do i go about doing it?

    i heard, put rubbing alcohol in a ziploc bag, put the pipe in, shake it, let it sit, pour it through a coffee filter and let the stuff sit..

    Anyone help meh?
  2. Easiest way is what you said, sorta. Just soak it in a ziplock like you said, but pour it all into a dish or pan, and heat it till the alcohol disolves. All thats left is the rez. Scrape it all up into a ball (you can add a little ash to make it easier to work with) and drop it back in your piece and enjoy :smoking:
  3. I do it the way you said. But i put the pipes in a bowl or something and drown them in rubbing alcohol. Then once they sit for a few hours, Dunk them in rubbing alcohol and pour it out and repeat until they get really clean. You'll have a grip of resin in the bowl. I use 2 coffe filters thick so it wont rip, And pour it slowly, It takes awhile, But all the resin ends up in the middle of the filter where it gets poured through. Let the resin dry for a few minutes, But not to long or itll stick to the filter and your fucked unless you smoke the filter lol.

    Then to finish cleanin the pipes i use hot water from the faucet and pour salt in the bowls. The hot water/salt combination cleans em like new.

    Good luck homie.
  4. Thanks dude, i just smoked the last of my shit and im dyin already..Desperate times call for desperate measures..

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