Cleaning Percs

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  1. How do you all clean your percolators in your bongs? I've tried 420 cleaner but i have diffused palm trees and the salt doesn't go through. I'm thinking about just letting some rubbing alcohol set in there for a good while then shake it up every so often.
  2. Use table salt. That's how I clean my percs.
  3. What salt were you using? Or does 420 cleaner have salt in it (never used it before)?

    See if powdered dishwasher soap will go into them, then use 91% isopropyl alcohol in them and shake like crazy.

    If the soap or finely ground salt won't go into them, get Grunge Off and let it sit in it for awhile.
  4. yea that sounds good.I had a dome perc and it was easy to get salt up in it to clean. U could try putting a salt iso mix in the beaker and turn it upside down.
  5. Yo my water is real hard and leaves a crusty buildup over time. Vinegar will get your tube sparking if that's the prob. Just clear vinegar.

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