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Cleaning Perc'd Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Dumb Out, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. So, been making some perc bongs outta bottles and shit, but i still have the first (and best) one i made... but its gettin super dirty. I go to clean it out, and thought...

    How do people with PHX's n shit get the water out of the percs? how do you clean that shit? I got pissed after a few minutes and just ripped it apart, but you cant do that wid glass bongs....

    Video anyone? lol shits got me pondering.

    ((please dont say alc + salt, thats not what i mean))
  2. yeah see, im talking about a bong wid more than 1 perc.

    When you turn the bong upside down, the water stays in the percs... cept the top one
  3. blow into it like a multi bubbler?
  4. lol didnt even think to blow in it... dunno how good that will work cuz the plastic bottles but ill give er a try
  5. That's how I clean my glass with percs. Fill it from the top until it's about halfway to the mouth peice, shake until clean. Blow the water into the next perc and repeat. Dump it out the stem (for glass on glass)
  6. i need something a little better then just blowing air...
    3 foot bong with 6 arm perc clogged with resin. no way to reach a coat hanger or pipe cleaner. Tried cleaning with denture cleaner, it actually worked amazing well on the ashcatcher, and the entire bong... Except inside the perc... Help>?
  7. Hey!

    You might want to give "Cafiza" a try! It is meant for cleaning espresso machines but I have found it works for really rezy messes. The cleaner is designed for cleaning burnt coffee grounds/debris etc. and comes in either tablets or powder. I recommend the powder simply because it works best that way. My girlfriend brought some home from work and she insisted that we try it on our collection...This shit made my babies look brand fucking new!!!:hello:

    What i do is:

    1. take out stem and bowl
    2. place in glad container (one at a time)
    3. add hot water & Cafiza (2-3 tablespoons) to container
    4. lid the container and shake gently for about 10 minutes on and off
    NOTE: It is always a good idea to keep old soft plastic lidded containers around for cleaning glass this way! once you use it don't throw it out! re-use it!
    For the bong:

    1. Add Cafiza to bottom half (2-3 tablespoons)
    2. fill bottom half so that it almost overfills
    3. cork the bottom half
    4. add the same amount of Cafiza through the top
    5. Fill the bong all the way up with hot water
    6. let it sit (gently agitate for best results)
    7. Reapeat if necessary
  8. The quickest and easiest way i have found to clean perc'd bongs is to just wrap your hand around the part that the stem would be placed and the other side have your sink running. Creating enough pressure to force water all the way up the bong and out.

    Same process on pre-coolers, this doesnt get all the resin it just gets all the little pieces of ash. This process slows the build up of resin, then I use alcohol and salt.

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