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Cleaning Out Resin For Smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ArtesiaBuds, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. Just wondering what methods people use to clean out resin for smoking. I heat up the bowl and i then scrape it with a paper clip but i don't get all that much, if anyone has better methods then post them pleaseeeeeeeeee!
  2. i use a paper clip. i think its the only good way
  3. for glass piece I found a metal nail file that worked good for the most part, scraped all along the inside of the bowl, and the hole, and I could get it to fit through the mouthpiece as well, so I could scrape it pretty good in worked good cause the pointed reach in further though Id just use a paperclip, bend it however way to go inside further. i never used heat though..never occured to me as to help..i dunno.
  4. i normally use an old toothbrush - works like a charm...just throw it away after you clean it
  5. I clean the sticky stuff with a small flat screwdriver but if you have a bong, you can scrape all that partially burned stuff back into the water and run the whole mess through a filter made out of a paper towel. You can finally smoke the stuff once it air dries (or microwave oven if your in a rush).

    I recommend a vapotron or similar so you only smoke the volitile resins not the harsh carbonated ash. Youll generate a lot less carbon monoxide that way. A vapotron gently heats the bowl from below without a flame until the resin smokes, you can draw the smoke off by collecting it in an inverted fishbowl or lamp globe.
  6. well..if you smoke the resin, i dont recommend heating it up..cuz that just cooks out the thc even more.
  7. i dont know where your from but ive always used stuff called GreasedLightnig soke bowl/pipe 4 2hours rinse w/warm water clean as the day you got it garintee!! works great on glass bongs too (product is non-toxic biodgratable made from orange oil)
  8. a good way to do it is to take a paper clip or some wire and flatten the tip of it with a hammer. i have a custom set i made of various shapes and sizes. if you want to look like you just bought it, boil it in sea-salt water.
  9. I am an old resin smoker from way back. I have heard some people talk it down, but you can't beat it when you are out of stash or hung over and need to stop the throbbing when you try to sit up and you have no weed.

    It all depends on what you want to clean. Metal pipes that screw apart are easy to scrape. Try to find dental picks and scrapers.

    Ceramic bongs are always a challenge. I have scraped an old bong that I dropped and got a surprising number of highs out of it.

    If you don't want to break apart your favorite piece of glass I would suggest soaking it in alcohol, which will dissolve the tar out of the pipe. Then let the alcohol mixture evaporate in a pan then smoke what is left.

    Yeah, I have spent too much time toking.
  10. I agree the best way to smoke resin is the vaporizor way. A cheap simple way to smoke resin is to heat it on tin foil or hot knife it.

    I lose too much smoke hot knifing, plus I have burnt myself in the process. So I make a bowl out of aluminum foil, with a handle to hold it ( a hollowed out light bulb will also work). Then heat under the foil bowl and use a straw to catch the smoke.

    Works good. though it remind me of various other not so nice substances .
  11. hm, i bought my first glass piece, a sherlock kind of deal and i see how hard it would be to scrape it, so i'll have to go with the alcohol method. where can i get this alcohol?
  12. get a bottle of isopropyl. you can buy it at safeway/shoppers drug mart/ etc.

    oh, and its not a brand, its the type of alcohol. any rubbing alcohol with as high percentage of alcohol possible is best.
  13. heating it first is the best way to do it because the resin is alot easy to get out. as to the best way to smoke it, the only way i have smoked the resin is just make a ball out of it and put it back in the bowl.
  14. Submerge glass piece in a container of isp. alcohol for 2 days. Then rinse for 5 minutes with cool water.The alcohol is like 88 cnts a liter at KMart . I'd never put a glass pipe in boiling water, or any kind of extreme heat. These pieces are usually expensive! My 2 cnts.
  15. ....*sigh*

    do not heat it first..thta cooks out the then your just smoking as switch..or some other foreigner would say...'shat'
  16. someone once told me to just make foil pipes all the time so I just use em and throw them out, and just make another


    *giardia..also known as


  18. If we wanna smoke the resin i use either a paper clip or tweezers... sometimes a metal hanger i just bend it. But when i wanna clean my glass on really good i just put it on the stove in some water and boil it. when its done its like ya 1st bought it!
  19. I use a tiny pocket knife to clean my metal pipe,and a small flat screwdriver to clean my stone pipe. That black gold comes in handy! I'm a resin smoker,when weed is run out...which will be very soon. :( Oh pipes will be good and resined up by then.
  20. Sensi, you stopped using foil, right?

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