Cleaning my Sharp Stone

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  1. So what do you all think the best method for cleaning a grinder and keeping all that good caked on kief and weed? Some examples with a step by step method, or vids are awesome.
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    All you need is ISO alcohol and a container/bag.

    Take your tupperware container or bag thats large enough for your grinder. Wash up to 2 piece at a time with just enough ISO to cover. Shake until its clean....repeat....pour your solution onto a pyrex and let it evaporate. Scrape...smoke...profit. .

    Hope I could help bro
  3. Google search "Grinder ISO Wash + grasscity" youll end up w a shit ton of kief and a new grind piece
  4. hey guys thanks for the advice, sorry its taking so long to update though. It went awesome, it was my first time ever making hash. I got like a full bowls worth and between me and my two roomies we couldn't even finish the bowl lol

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