Cleaning my percolator

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  1. Ok before you start bashing I did in fact search. I have a detachable perc meaning its not connected to the main bong/pipe. What is the best way to clean it without breaking the fingers. I have it sitting in ISO right now. I can't put salt in it and shake it around because I am afraid the fingers will break off.
  2. The headshop around here does not sell that grunge off stuff either.
  3. Simple Green
  4. Everyone says just simplegreen but When ive gone to their website.. Theres like 50 diff simple green cleaners...

    I mean With a good lookthrough u can tell which ud want, But cant people just put out the whole name of it, Simple green is a company that has multiple cleaners.

  5. ya, but if you go to the store and ask for a bottle of simplegreen, they will show you the same bottle everytime.. ive only seen 2 types at walmart. simple green and simple green maxx... both basically the same
  6. is simple green reusable like grunge-off?
  7. i cleaned my bong after every single sesh, reused it and it lasted me about 4-5 months on a single gallon.
  8. and i smoke many times each day
  9. well that settles it then...hittin up walmart after my 7:45am exam FML!
  10. Simple green it is then

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