Cleaning my glass pipe

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  1. Put my bowl in some peroxide and salt shook it all up had so we shit cone out wondering if I can let this soak I this mixture and for how long
  2. I think a high percentage rubbing alcohol will work better for what you are trying to do, I use 91% isopropyl alcohol you can get at any drug store and sea salt. It usually takes less than 15 minutes to clean my bong but the downstem I have to soak in the mixture for around 30 min to an hour for it to get clean. The peroxide shouldn't hurt the bowl if its glass, let us know how well the peroxide ends up working i've never actually heard of anyone using it.
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  3. 91% Iso and salt for the win, put it in a bag and shake it.Oh, and through some experimenting I found that efferdent denture cleaning tabs will remove any and all resin taste from the glass, it will taste like its never been smoked out of :smoke:
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  4. if you want to harvest the resin from like a standard spoon easily before iso purge
    just warm it up a little and pack a foot to 18 inches of the thinner
    guitar strings(it'll kinda coil in)then twist the string and pull out and repeat
  5. The peroxide works probably not as good as alcohol but I didn't have any so it was worth a shot
  6. ISO is the way forward with glass. my bong always looks new and that gak just falls off the surface
  7. I am going to put a few pieces into storage and tried the denture cleaning bubbling tablets (Wally World cheap stuff). They really are great for a finisher (after using Zep Citrus non-toxic degreaser) and really gets rid of the stink. I am going to use them daily when I have a glass cleaning session. (and you know they are safe)
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