Cleaning my bong

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  1. Cant do it 
    I bought a decent cleaning solution and everything , I plug the joint bit thing with a cloth and then shake it a lot - still the thin resin stains around the top of the water line never come off :mad: , its only the blocks of resin that come off .
    And I dont use cold water . And I clean it about once a week . And I only smoke like 6-8 gram per week

    So wtf ?
    How does everyone keep their glass pieces clean ..  :confused_2:
  2. I use salt and iso alcohol. Sometimes I use some CLR after I get the resin out. Try using some CLR then clean it again.Sent from my Amazon Kindle Fire using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Isopropyl alcohol + kosher salt (larger grain than table salt.) Both are cheap and chances are at least one is already in your home.
    It'll work wonders; your post reminded me I was going to clean one of my pieces today, so I just did and too a few pics to show how well it works:
    Percs just after I poured some alcohol in:
    Added a few tablespoons of the kosher salt and poured in some more alcohol to get the salt past the splash guard:
    Sealed off both ends with some plastic wrap and rubber band, and shook the pipe (very carefully) for about 2 minutes:
    Spotless  :ey:
    About a Z went through this piece since the last time it was cleaned.
    Be sure to use 90% or greater isopropyl alcohol or it'll be a pain in the ass to get your piece clean. 
  4. iso and salt, 100% acetone (not nail polish remover, competely different), simple green, grunge off, oxyclean...theres a few more but there are plenty of options and price ranges as well.
  5. I promise you this method will make that tube shine like the day it was bought. Get a plug for the down steam (I like to use a glass 14mm plug, push it down lightly and twist, the glass on glass seals nice) buy two bottles of grunge off, pour in, carb the plug a tiny so the grunge fills the down steam, let sit for an hour and a half for seriously dirty pieces, an hour for decently dirty, and half an hour for weekly cleans. I keep my tubes clean in a display case and smoke about 7g through each every week, clean 2x a week and they always look good and arent too hard to clean after the initial cleaning.

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