Cleaning my bong

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  1. I've heard the best way to clean it is iso alcohol and epsom salt. My question is how do I do it? lol i know it sounds dumb but do I put the two in together and add water? or no water? what should I put in first and how long should i let it sit. I assume i should shake it up a bit obviously
  2. don't add water, just a good amount of alcohol and a lil bit of salt. then shake it around. you don't need to go crazy on either amount either. if you have any stubborn spots that won't come off, let it sit in alcohol for like twenty minutes to help eat it away
  3. I don't add water but some people add hot water. I use enough iso to cover about a half inch in my bong then add about 2 spoonfuls of salt. Then i plug the hole with a paper towel and put my hand over the top then shake for a good 5 mins
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    [ame=]HIGH TIMES' How To: Clean Your Bong - YouTube[/ame]
    edit i jut put iso in the bong up till the dirty part (usally right above were water normally sits) i add epson salt and shake like its the last shaking ill ever do then rinse a fuck ton lot with hot water then i let it sit and cool and then put in some cold water load a bowl take a HUGE rip and repeat
  5. aight guys, good advice. thanks for pointing me in the right direction. ill d oit and let yall know how it went. thanks
  6. If it's really dirty, you'll need to shake the hell out of it for a while. More salt = more scrubbing. I've found really hot water helps as well for a ten minute soak.
  7. make sure not to get too shake crazy and smash it on the sink, it's happened to me a few times :p
  8. dropped my first beaker into the bath tub cleanin it shattered into millions of pieces still find one from time to time

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