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    Hey, so I've searched and searched and can't find anything too conclusive showing that using a cleaner such as Citra-Solv is a safe alternative to the iso + salt method.

    The ingredients of Citra-Solv are D’Limonene (clear liquid from the peel of the orange), and essential oil blend & biodegradable cleaning agents (derived from coconut).

    Citrasolv Products

    That's where any of you come in. I need to know, is it safe to use this product to clean my bong? Or will it leave harmful residue that will leave me being unable to smoke out of my bong for some time?

    I can't leave my house right now to buy iso alcohol because my car is being used by my brother, which is why I'm asking about this other product.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Edit: I have 70% iso alcohol in the house, but it's Wintergreen scented. Is that not okay to use to clean my bong?
  2. Use the 70% iso or wait till your bro gets back. Just rinse real good.

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