Cleaning my 2 1/2 foot acrylic percolater bong

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  1. Okay so i was cleaning my bong Darth Maul and i didn't know if it being acrylic would matter with how i cleaned it; i cleaned it with salt and nail polish because thats what ive always done with all my pieces in the past, and i after i rinsed it out i let it sit for a 2 days and when i came home it had what looks like soap scum or something? even though i didnt use soap, but its like white webs or somethingo_O?(in the chamber of the perc that is :() and i dont wanna have to throw it away cuz this shit so if anyone can help me clean it i would be very appreciative.
  2. Acrylic blows man.

    Its gonna look like that forever now that you used iso and salt or acetone and salt

    Throw it away, buy a cheap glass on glass tube and move on
  3. hot smoke combined with soft acrylic plastic is a recipe for lung destruction.

    you kids need to keep this in mind the next time you go bong shopping.
  4. The nail polish remover started to etch the plastic. That is not residue it is a chemical change to the surface of the acrylic itself. Still safe to use assuming you rinsed it out really well.
    This is the 2nd day in a row people have posted about using NPR to clean their pieces. Never heard of people doing it before. Hopefully the trend dies quickly. Salt and ISO is all you need. Safe on acrylic too.
  5. Why would you leave that stuff in a plastic bong for 2 days? like isn't common sense to just think leaving chemicals that strong in plastic will do something to it? lmao

    I guess this was your savior, buy a glass bong before you die from smoking plastic:)

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