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  1. » Any useful cleaning equipment that works? I have two«
  2. Has anyone heard of this...?
    It reads "SCHMAND WEG"
    Works for me.

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  3. ISO wins hands down

    even with a little salt added

    good luck
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  4. ISO; no need to purchase overpriced canna specific products to clean your pipes.

    ISO, Epsom salt, pipe cleaners, test tube/aquarium brushes will clean it all.

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  5. Nice one man ;) I'll give it a go

    The one I have was only about £5 and its lasted pretty good.
    Whereas I paid nearly £10 for a liquid "special" bong cleaner that done sweet f all lol.. I have learnt
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  6. here in brasil iso is a little bit 'illegal' . when i didnt had it i used acetone to clean ma bong instead
  7. Why is ISO illegal there? Maybe they use it to make drugs?

    I use ISO or grunge off.
    I like grunge off since I can reuse it dozens of times.

    I soak it overnight, pour it back in bottle and give it a hot water rinse and it's looking brand new.
  8. Maybe mentholated spirits in the UK ..?

    avoid using VHS head cleaner

    hi proof vodka is popular back east

    I prefer to insert a peice of lemon with each cone

    to reduce having to clean so much

    tho it does impart a taste to the weed

    its liveable

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