Cleaning ladies stole my bong and weed

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    Soooooo GC I come to you today bearing very sad news :mad:.

    I live with my parents and I keep my bong and my bud behind a couch my room. My parents know I smoke but they didn't know about my bong and they didn't want me smoking in the house.

    Anyways so I awoke this morning to the sound of the cleaning ladies vaccuming and after they left I discovered my bong, nugjug, and lighter were all missing. I searched the house and the trash cans and found nothing.

    It makes no sense why they would take it. They've found my weed before and they did nothing but move it to my desk.

    I think they're a few possibilites...

    1. My cleaning ladies are stoners and took my bong for themselves.
    2. My cleaning ladies didn't know what the fuck it was and took it with them to dispose of.
    3. My cleaning ladies took it and handed it over to my parents.

    I find number 3 most likely.
  2. I'd go with 3, but they easily could of taken it knowing you won't say to mom and dad:
    "Hey, the cleaning ladies stole my AK and bong..."
  3. Depending on your cleaning service, I'd go with #1.

    That sucks though. If they're willing to take your bong, then what else might they take? I'd say your parents should consider choosing a different cleaning service, but I don't see any way to bring that up to them without being like "yeah, they stole my bong." :p
  4. Just tell the damn cleaning ladies if they dont put that shit bak ull get em fired. Obvi u cant report it lol but they prob will be scared enough if u even mention something like that.

    Idk dude that really pisses me off on your behalf lol tell them bitches get they own trees.
  5. the fact that you live at home and have cleaning ladies . . . what can a playa say?

  6. If I were that cleaning lady, my immediate thought would be "yeah right, like you're going to get me fired by telling your parents that I stole your MARIJUANA BONG?" :p
  7. I'd stick with the possibility of all three and ask them about it.

    It's you're stuff, and i'd be really pissed if i were you.
  8. or your parents were already suspicious, told the cleaning lady if there was anything that looked like contraband they will recieve 100$ and a free can of lemon pledge
  9. Thanks for the responses.

    I do plan to say something but I have no way of communicating with them until they come back which is going to be another couple of weeks. I almost want to say something to my parents but I'm not sure if that's worth it, seeing as at this point I probably won't be getting the bong back either way.

    and @ hashmanone I actually did consider that excluding the cash reward thing. They may have told them to report anything they found but I'd like to think my parents wouldn't do that.

    I'm debating telling my parents that they cleaning ladies took some of my things and at that point I'll either find out that they did take it and give it to my parents, or they actually stole it for themselves. Just realized they took my grinder as well.

    Not really sure what to do seeing as I have no idea what happened. I am definately going to talk to the cleaning ladies but thats weeks away so I need to decide whether I should bring it up with my parents or not. If they actually stole it I think my parents would be somewhat on my side and be mad at them.

    On the other hand, my brother also lives in the house and I think my parents aren't saying anything yet because they don't know whether it was my bong or my brothers, and no my brother is not a suspect in this crime.
  10. In my family I'd just tell my parents what was going on, even if they didn't know I smoke weed (they do), they'd still be more concerned with the cleaning ladies stealing shit. That's just how it is with my family though, we always have each other's backs.
  11. I'm not 100% sure of what you're implying. I do live with my parents, and it's their choice to spend their money on a cleaning service so my mom doesn't have to do all of the cleaning.
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    Alright I've made up my mind. I'll ask my parents about it. I'm just going to shoot them a text explaining how something has gone missing from my room and I think the cleaning ladies took it, and if they know anything about that.

    If they have the bong, I'm expecting them to come clean at that point and (hopefully) give the bong back, sort of doubtful that they give it back, though.

    If they have no idea what I'm talking about and the cleaning ladies did take it, then I'm going to have to tell them i had a bong up here but my parents are pretty understanding so I think it will be all good.
  13. Confront the cleaning ladies and tell them if they dont give it back or the money you will get your parents to fire them and use someone else

  14. Haha, dude if he does this without knowing if they actually stole it he'd look like a fool.

    It's better to handle it the way he's thinking of handling it and think it through before acting on impulse like that.
  15. OP in 2 weeks: Oh that's where I hid my bong and weed!
  16. Lol, trust me this was definately a thought at first but it's been ruled out. I live upstairs and keep my bong always in this one room and theres not many places to put it. It's gone.
  17. #3 makes the most sense. Which is basically the worst case scenario because it means my cleaning ladies just did the dirty work. My parents can kinda get out of it because they didn't actually steal my bong, yet they can still be mad at me for having it.

    The cleaning ladies fucked up. What they did was wrong. I can't do too much about it either.

    edit: I'm not going to talk to my parents about it until tomorrow so once I do I'll post back here with the results.
  18. Haha ide go with that story
  19. Call la migra

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