cleaning huge gunk clog

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  1. hey i got a bong with 2 single dome percs in them. The problem is that at the top of the perc where the hole on the stem is there is gunk built up startin in the stem, out of it and attached to the top of the dome. So its literally like a bridge of gunk/resin from the inside of the stem to the top of the dome. HOw can i clean this out? I used bio cleaner over night and that got alot of crap out, cleaned it and helped a lil on the big clog, but its still bad.
    What can i do?
  2. have you tried iso+salt+shaking? or simple green? i swear by soaking overnight in simple green. longer for more resin.
  3. Simple green Soak overnight or 24 hours rinse with hot water repeat if not clean.
  4. CONCENTRATED simple green. not just simple green.
  5. Soak in simple green and flush with super hot water.
    If it's clogged to the point where you can't flush anything through it you can place it in a cold oven and turn it on low (200) with the door open, turn it every once and a while and leave untill the resin melts away from the perks. Let it cool in the oven and try the simplegreen flush.

    Good luck man!
  6. Isopropyl alcohol works wonders.

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