cleaning glass pipe

Discussion in 'General' started by teg21, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. i used rubbing alcohal to get most of the resin out but there is this one part on the opposite side of the carb that i cant get the resin out, i cant get a q tip back there or anything, and i really want to just have everything out of there. Got any ideas?
  2. ummmm. get that fromla 420 stuff
  3. there isnt anything around the house you can use?
  4. Put some salt in there, then some alcohol, cover all the holes,
    shake well. Should knock off about everything.

    The salt acts as an abrasive.
  5. I also use those little pipe cleaner brushs.


  6. thanks, i will try that out
  7. yea there is still a part in the pipe where i cant get the resin out, does anything else around the house work for it?

  8. not if you want to either A: save the resin, or B: keep the pipe

    the only way to do it is to either break the pipe or clean it by boiling or alchohol
  9. id definately say boil it... boil it for about 8 minutes and it should do the trick... while its boiling move it around with a set of prongs make sure the boiling water hits evry part of the piece and it ull seem like its brand spankin new... works for me every time...
  10. o yea, theres 1 more thing

    if u decide to boil it, it ull stink up the house for a couple hours... not 2 long though

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