Cleaning Glass Pipe without Rubbing Alcohol?

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  1. So I went to clean my bowl and realized I used the rest of the rubbing alcohol on one of my other would it work to just put it in a bag with hot water and salt..maybe vinegar? And let it sit for 3-4 hours shaking the bag every half hour? Also I don't have any 420 cleaner or any of those. I have basic household items. And I can't boil it because I don't live by myself..any ideas?
  2. Nail polish remover works well. just make sure you rinse it really well so your hits dont taste like nail polish remover
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    I cleaned my oil rig and ti nail with 99% ISO. I then rinsed it all off with water. Then I heated the nail up to burn off any ISO left. Since I've had a funky taste coming from my rig. Any suggestions?
  4. A Simple Green soak would do it.
  5. [SUB]Hit it with warm water and start scraping.  Not sure if the water and salt would work...worth a shot.  I think the vinegar may work better, good rinse after.  Just my $0.02.[/SUB]
  6. If you don't have Iso alchohol just put your pipe in a cup of hot water and let it sit. Then rinse it out pretty hard with hot water and a lot of resin wil come out
     Salt dissolves in water, not so much in iso. rice would work in cold water and I have a friend who uses this for his bongs. I would personally wait and get some iso, but I have a shelf full of other glass to choose from in the mean time. 
    1) Torch a paperclip and "dab" out the rest of your resin. 2) Hot water to loosen it up 3) garden hose to push the crap out
  9. Use hot tap water and pipe cleaners or some type of stick you can put in.  I use bamboo skewers for my downstems.
  10. sounds like a pain in the ass, buy some more alcohol
  11. If you use nail polish remover don't seal it off with it inside it could explode

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