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Cleaning glass pipe with vinegar?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Painter3, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. I've used rubbing alcohol and salt to clean my pipe and it works beautifully but i heard it will fade the colours of the pipe? Which i definitely don't want because i looove my pipe and it has great colours. I heard you can use vinegar to clean them some how and its better to keep the colour? I'm not sure. Thoughts? Tips? Suggestions? Comments?
  2. Only one way to find out
  3. I would imagine, you can also just clean it with hot water it just takes it a bit longer than with alcohol, done that before when I was too lazy to go to save-on
  4. Yeah I did it the other night because I had no alcohol on me. It works extremely well. I used distilled white vinegar but I don't think it matters.
  5. This is what I use. Just water it down. Awesome
  6. i use listerine and hot water, makes it smell awesome and hasnt given me trouble yet
  7. Alcohol is only a problem if your glass is cheap, I learned that the hard way myself lol. I let the colors dissolve, if they're coming out in the alcohol they're probably coming out in your smoke too. Vinegar works alrite, 91% isopropyl alcohol works a lot better though. To each his own.
  8. can alcohol lead to adverse effects? i always heard that, even with thorough rinsing, residues can get left behind and its real bad to smoke it. i could be completely wrong, but thats just what i was told. thats why i use grunge off.

    have i been wasting my money on grunge off or does what i say hold a grain of truthe?
  9. Huh I may try this. Do you just mix the two together then put it in a bag or something and swish it around then rinse it out?
  10. The only thing I don't like about hot water is, when you boil the resin off, all the resins and oils float to the top and settle on the surface of the water. So when you pull the bowl out, it gets covered in all that sticky resin again.

    One way to get around that. After you're done cleaning it, leave to bowl in the water. Put the pot you were using into the sink. Slowly add more water to the pot until all the resin on the surface has over-flown into the sink.

  11. Don't quote me..just read the ingredients on your bottle of alcohol usually it should be a high percent of Alcohol and some Evaporated Water.Higher percent the better. I mean people smoke Qwiso hash and iso hash..and thats made using alcohol..before/after its been evaporated. I've been using 70-91 % for my pieces for years and I've had no problems.
  12. I put and efferdent den her tablet in a glass of water and soak my bowl in it for 24 hrs. Works pretty nice but it smells n tastes like shit so rinse it after.
  13. Don't you get higher if you don't clean your pipe cause it has all the resin in it already? I would do that but mine is kinda see through and when there is a lot of resin it looks a little gross, and im so proud of it and want it to look its best lol :rolleyes: And I'm mostly worried about the colour, i just don't want it to fade if i use alcohol or whatever. But if that only happens for not as good quality pipes then i guess I'm good
  14. I would think if anything would cause fading it would be vinegar, it has a light acidic property..they use vinegar to clean hard water deposits..although I seriously doubt either will penetrate the glass and fade the colors..

    I've had the same glass pipe for years, I actually soak mine in a glass full of 91% rubbing alcohol over night and it has never faded one bit...
  15. I boiled mine and it looks stained and the inside of the pot I used has this whitest stain on the walls is this perment anyone know never had this problem before?????
  16. I spit shine
  17. it is fucking glassss... seriously. it is conceivable that vinegar may fade in fabrics. but nothing is going to penetrate GLASS. think about it.
  18. I used salt and alcohol to clean my bong and now the paint is starting to peel on the out side of the bong does anyone know if there some kind of sealer i can put on it
  19. paint?  o_O
  20. I recently cleaned my glass bubbler that had years of cake in it.  I hadn't really been using it for the last 5 years or so but wanted to clean it.  Tried rubbing alcohol, gentle boiling, hot rubbing alcohol and it did an ok job but there was still chunks in it that I couldn't get out of nooks and crannies.  Finally I squirted some carburetor cleaner in it and it was an instant enema.  Took it out in no time.  I then just rinsed it with alcohol then water.  Good as new.

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