Cleaning Glass Pieces In the time of Coronavirus?

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  1. I think the title is pretty self explanatory.
    If anyone has found a substitute for isopropyl(rubbing alcohol) that works near well to clean resin on their bongs, then share it below and help all of us out lol
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  2. Acetone & hand sanitizer with salt works good.. I've done it before when I had no iso but had them lol

    I've also used washing powder before with vinegar/lemon juice that worked pretty good :laughing:

    Just make sure u wash it all out after.. I usually leave it standing in soap/water for a few hours minimum before using :confused_2:
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  3. Don’t use salt in your glass it thins it out slightly overtime. Used alcohol and hot ass water or just hot ass water.

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  4. Have you ever used Resolution glass cleaner? It’s from a company in Colorado, a little pricier than isopropyl but you can reuse it. Doesn’t have that harsh alcohol smell and actually cleans better and less aggressively. It’s a gel, I’m my recyclers I pour some in then blow it through all the percs, a little shake, 15 min later warm rinse, boom spotless and shining with no smell!
    Here is a link Bongs | Bong Cleaning Tools & Supplies | Glass Pipe Bowl Cleaners
    I wish they would sell me a barrel full, changed my glass cleaning experience.
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  5. Wow I never knew that ,
    Does it thin out 7mm glass ?
    What’s a alternative to salt I been using the Epson salt for what people soak there feet it lmao ...
    I doubt anything can be cheaper the rubbing alcohol just wish I cold find a bigger cheaper jug instead of little ones $2 ea.
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  6. High proof ever clear. And hot water. Let it soak in ever clear or rubbing alcohol for a little while and rinse with hot ass water just be careful with the glass. Let cool after your done

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