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cleaning glass peices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bongman 2000, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. does anyone have a good way of getting the resin out of the middle of the piece without boiling? tips appreciated
  2. funny, i have been meaning to ask the same thing...
  3. Go get some oxyclean, let it sit in the oxyclean/water solution. It eats the resin away. You might have to take a Q-tip to it just to get the really stubborn pieces of reson out. It's worked for me. I don't feel safe boiling mine out.
  4. i was lookin for the same thing on here a while back and found the best fuckin way
    you get some rubbing alchol or nail polish remover and fill it up 3/4 the way then dump a shit load of salt in there and cover all holes with your fingers/hand and shake the livin shit out of it, do this a few times and rinse with water after each time and i mean u have to really shake it, all that shit comes right out, i kept doin it and god dam my bowl was as clear as the day i got it
  5. but dont waste the resin , take some resin hits, ive been dry plenty of times found my bowl and smoked it dry and got a pretty good fuckin high off of it
  6. ^^ when you use that alcohol-salt method, is it possible to save the chunks of resin so you can smoke them later on?

    im trying to build up a resin ball for when i run into rainy days...
  7. If you got a lot of resin I would suggest using an unfolded paper clip, but very gently. I was all afraid it was gonna scratch my fav. glass piece but I dont think it did. Now I gotta cd case with a bunch of mini resin chunks on it. Time to move onto the glass slide.
  8. Listen, you need to spend the 8 bucks and get 420 Cleaner Solution. Swish that around for a minute or so, and it'll be brand freaking new.
  9. Here's what I did:

    1. Boiled the shit out of my bowls, then scraped them and rinsed them.

    2. Took the boiling water, and poured it in my bong with some Goo-Gone (basically the same as 420 Cleaner) and shook it for a while.

    3. Tried the nail polish remover/salt method on my bowls, and it worked VERY well. Now all my pieces sparkle just like when I first bought them.

    Oh yeah, don't forget to rinse your pieces very thoroughly.
  10. boilings definitely the best way. boil it for like 10 mins then take a paper clip and bend it straight and push all the resin out into some container or somethin. youd be surprised at all the resin in there. then if you have 420 cleaner just swish that around in there. works like a charm

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