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    I just recently bought another Da Buddha (my old one was confiscated) and it has given me problems since the beginning. Immediately upon setting it up I noticed that the heating element was loose. Also, sparks came from the heating element about five times while using it.

    I called 7th floor today and they suggested I send it in so they can replace the heating element. The only problem is, the piece is a little dirty. I've only used it 3 times though. How do I clean the DBV sufficiently so it will make it to 7th floor without any problems? I will be using USPS to ship it.

    I have removed the heat cover and will probably soak it in alcohol. What else should i do? Anyone else have experience shipping their used DBV in for warranty?
  2. Can anyone tell me how to clean a da Buddha vaporizer so that it can be safely shipped?
  3. You don't have to return the glass heater cover, you can simply have them return you one without a glass heater cover. I don't understand how anything else would be dirty... I guess if the heater has had weed burn on it then you could just wipe it down with rubbing alcohol.

    If you want to send in your glass heater cover then a good soak in rubbing alcohol should do it. Use course salt and rubbing alcohol if it is really dirty. I don't understand how it is dirty after 3 uses... but that should be it.

    Oh yeah, don't send in your whip/tube. The tube is a bitch to clean and they don't need it to send you a new DBV.
  4. Thanks for the help. I had already removed the heat cover and my main problem was the residue buildup and the ABV/duff stuck at the bottom of the heating element.

    One more thing: I plan on shipping it back in the hemp bag it came in. The only problem is, there was a little duff that had spilled into the bag. I flipped the bag inside out and removed all of the visible duff, but I'm obviously still wary of sending it like that. Will washing it do the trick?

  5. You shouldn't blow into the tube. There should never be vaped material at the bottom of the heating element.

    Regardless, take a q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol and give it a good cleaning.

    The bag should be fine...

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