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Cleaning CCG peices...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by grass roots, May 23, 2004.

  1. I've heard that you can actually scrape off the color on glass peices when cleaning them, is this true? I had a friend that said when he cleaned his bowl out with pipe cleaners all the color changing tint came off with the resin. He also said it was an expensive bowl ($50) so its not because it was made cheap. Anyone else know about this? I've never cleaned my ccg peices before, and i was thinking about doing it, but this kind of discourages me...
  2. well what makes the color darker is resin that fills in the glass so if u clean the bowl the resin takes the color it makes so never clean it thats what i do :)
  3. best way to clean a pipe is put your pipe in a bag with rubbing alcohol and rice/rocksalt and shake for as long as it takes to get clean. ive done this countless times and my pipe always looks as clean as the day i bought it.
  4. this has happend to me also, when i first tried cleaning the resin out the bottom of my bowl and near the mouth piece... it was clean but now i have trouble getting it to change colors there where i cleaned it at the bottom of the bowl its yellow instead of blue and at the mouth piece it wont turn a dark enough blue to match the rest of my bowl and i know for a fact that it is al supposed to be even.....$40 bowl too forgot who its made by too something "industries"

    im ganna have to buy another :(

  5. I usually use some Formula 420, but without the bag. I just shake it like hell inside the piece, and it cleans it so damn well..

    For those that don't know, Formula 420 is just a brand name for what O.C. was talkin about--rubbing alcohol and rocksalt.

  6. I have a little glass spoon. I have never cleaned it and its filthy... the resin inside is sooo thick and i have no idea how to get it out. The rocksalt idea sounds good but is the rocksalt in there for the chemical or is it to provide a rough texture to "scrape" or erode the resin away? And also, when you wash your piece how clean does it get? is there still traceable amounts of resin? or is it 100% clean, by this i mean could a cop or drug dog telll it was used to smoke weed? thanks.
  7. independant - the rubbing alcohol loosens the resin and the rocksalt rubs it out. after you do this and if you do it right, it will be 100% clean and no drug dog would be able to snif it out...but i dont know why a cop would search you for it if you werent smoking out of it...:confused:

    lycantrohpy - i dont know if there are 2 different kinds of formula 420, this is the only kind i know of
  8. i cleaned my glass spoon and it did lose the color....but its coming bak:D

    the ccg happens because the resin acts as a dark backdrop, bringing out colors, and when you remove this backdrop, the colors are gone....but only until you smoke some more:smoke:
  9. ^
    dude we know how it works, i mean scrapping it off and it never comes back because you scraped the actual color off, and its only a clear peice now...
  10. oc fader thanks. The reason i was asking is i live in india and have a glass spoon that has a tonnnn of history with me and my friend in the states. When i brought it here i put it in our sea freight hidden in a speaker all wrapped up... but i would like to bring it back this summer so we can use it agian.. i mean my freind is like my brother and its like a "tradititon", but i sure dont want to get busted cuz of a stupid thing like trying to bring a dirty pipe into the states. thanks
  11. hey everyone i am a member of og and i just became a member here well i blow glass pipes for a hobby and the reason when you clean a piece that it loses color is because for it to change color the pipe inside is fumed with gold or silver usally and when its scraped or cleaned with something really hard on it it also removes the fumming and then theres no more color i hope that helps and i hope to put a link from my og account to share with all of you idahobuds

  12. first post :) welcome to the city

    and nice to have insider info on that ;)
  13. the color doesnt actually come off onto the resin there is no color you can scrape off, cause its in the inside cause the gold/silver fuming causes the colors.

  14. so what do you reccomend cleaning a glass pipe out with? if not something hard...

    EDIT: and could it be possible to "re-fume" the inside of a pipe again? if one would need to :p

  15. that would be phat if u could get it refumed and basically have a diff design everytime!!!! like a new bowl but a religious bowl because its the first u've ever had :)
  16. sugarcorn your right also the color that is incased with clear glass cant be scraped out but the fuming can be because the fuming is on the inside of the pipe where the resin builds up and if you scrap it you can scrap off the fuming but colored pipes you cant but there is clear pipes that are fumed and colored pipes that are fumed so be careful with them now grass root as for refuming im not sure that it is possable but i will blow a pipe and fume it and put it into a kiln then i will scrap off the fuming and try to re fume it the only thing is that once the pipe is cured or put into the kiln i dont think it will accept the fuming but this means its time to experment so i will try as soon as i can i have to blow one pipe for my buddy this weekend and ill be gone camping so i will try to get the research on this matter done before i go camping of when i get back but my guess is that it wont work so i will blow a simple 15 color glass spoon with silver fume and i will try to do this. as for cleaning you will be pretty safe with formula 420 i just put it in and shake or just use rubbing alc. and put on saucer light with lighter tell it burns out and put in microwave for 1 minute and scrap and smoke but the 420 formula will clean it out better so i will post back as sone as i get the results or just pm me well good luck and spark one up idahobuds
  17. i put my piece in a cup of rubbing alcohal and let it sit two days every now and then lifting it out to get that nasty liquid junk out of it. In two days i cleaned about 6 months worth of build up and i'm a heavy smoker.
  18. well for all of you i did the test i blew a colored pipe and fumed it with silver not gold because it cost to much anyways i blew the pipe and cured it then i took a gun cleaning brush and scraped it out after a couple of bowls of coures well more like a oz to get it to start to color nicely i scraped it and used 95% rubbing alc. then let it dry and tryed to refume it and it didnt work so i blow another pipe smoked a oz and scraped it with the gun brush and used 70% rubbing alc. and salt and let it dry and tryed refuming and it didnt take either so i will have to say it can be done but if anyone else trys and gets it to work tell me i cant do anymore cause it cost too much not for the pipes but for the two oz. but my friends got really high o yeah blueberry is the weed of choice for the experment plus it was only 100.00 for two oz but with my experment i completely think that you cant refume a pipe p.s. i sold both pipes so i didnt lose money on the pipes for all of you at the city this is for you idahobuds
  19. $100 dollars for two ounces? thats... amazing...

    woah, i didnt expect you to go through a whole experiment for my question, but thanks a whole lot. (im sure you enjoyed the smoking part, haha)

    oh and by the way, i scraped out my bowl with a paper clip and used rubbing alcohol in a bag to get it all off. Was crystal clear and i could still see the fumed colors on it. I smoked about an oz out of it sense and its coloring back up nicely, except for one spot on the mouthpeice area that looks smudged or something. I dont think i waited long enough for all the water to dry out of it, because it fogged up inside of it and thats what probably caused the resin to not stick right on it...

    i guess my bowl is just made different, because it looked like the color change colors were on a separate layer of glass than the very inside...
  20. Holy shit.... $100 for two OUNCES of BLUEBERRY? wow u must have a good friend somewhere. that would run me about $600 and thats if i got lucky.

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