Cleaning bongs and pipes

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  1. So I know that I can clean pieces using isopropyl and salt, but I don't have any rubbing alcohol currently. What I do have is a mix containing Isopropyl, Menthol, Eucalyptus, and Camphor. I checked to see if there were any harmful chemicals but it's just those 4 ingredients. Is it safe to use to clean my bong?

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  2. Put some in a glass, put the bowl for your bong in the glass with that stuff in it, let it sit over night, rinse both the cup and the bowl you soaked.

    See if the bowl is clean and give it a good sniff. See if the glass you held it in is clean and give it a sniff. As long as it rinses clean and you can't smell it I think you'll be ok.

    To be honest, I would just wait till I got some isopropyl alcohol. You could also run hot water from the tap in your sink or bathtub for five minutes at a time and then look it over. You do that until it is mostly clean and then while it's still hot, dump the water and then soak with isopropyl alcohol. Works pretty damn good....
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  3. They sell ISO at the dollar store man....
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  4. Get a bottle of concentrated simple green. Cork your bong and fill it up and put your pipes in a jar full of it. The next day rinse it with hot water and it'sbrand new. If you're in a rush heating it up in the microwave for 3 or 4 minutes and then rinsing it out when its room temp usually does the trick. You can reuse it. When it gets really gunky just filter it through some cheesecloth. Cheap as fuck and easy to keep your pieces cleabed without shaking them to death. Same thing as headshop glass cleaner.
  5. 420 cleaner, use less, no more stinky ISO, or wasting mommas salts.
  6. epsom salt and alcohol bro. That's it. Give it a few shakes and you're good.

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