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Cleaning bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ColoradoToking, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. What should I use to clean my bong if all I have is like common household stuff? I was thinking of just mixing salt with water and dish soap? What do you guys think?
  2. i think the dishsoap won't do much, if you have nailpolish remover, it's a good solvent. you can also use naptha gas if you have that, or 100% acetone which is either highgrade nail polish or paint thinner depending on what store you go to.

  3. do you soak it in acetone then wash it out? and with cold or warm water?:confused:
  4. no nail polish remover, none of that! just use rock salt (kosher salt) and 90%+ ISO alcohol. mix the two, put it into your bong, shake shake shake! and you're good!

  5. yeah, fill bong with Acetone (works better than iso), put some salt in (really not totally needed, acetone is strong enough without putting salt in for abrasion), let sit for a min or two then shake bong. depnding on how dirty you may need to do that two times, 3 tops. once it's clean, just put some water through, i prefer warm water but cold water will get the job done.

    Acetone is pretty safe, don't get it in your eyes, if it's on your skin, wipe off quickly. It will dry your skin out badly. Also it does some weird things to plastic so don't store it in plastic, or if any drips on plastic, wipe IMMEDIATELY. Despite this, Acetone (100%) evaporates VERY fast, leaves behind almost zero residue (any worry about residue will be fine, just rinse before use. if you smell it in the bong still, rinse again. water will take care of it), and takes out resin like none other. great cleaning tool.
  6. dont use dish soap. Your bong will be ruined for a long time.

  7. it is a straight pain in the ass to get rid of soapscum stains and watermarks and that residue crap from dealing with dish soap... don't do it, he's right.
  8. im prob gonna go with the acetone solution. dont want any soap residue stuck in my bong
  9. just get iso alcohol! i found some 70% lying around my house, mixed that with some salt and that was good! dont need anything else.... if you have some really dirty stuff, like a downstem or something, just let it sit in the alcohol overnight with some salt, and that will help!
  10. I use this stuff called Awesome its an all purpose cleaner from my local dollar store. Cleans everything. Pour some of it in fill the rest with hot water and its spotless.
  11. I did the same thing with alcohol to mine lol
  12. ispropyl alcohol and salt. cover all the holes and shake until you can't shake it anymore, and then shake it a little more lol. should get rid of all the gunk quickly.
  13. You can use rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, acetone, isopropyl alcohol or even drinking alcohol (higher proof = better) as the main cleaning ingredient. Coarse salt (or any kind) acts as a scrubbing agent. Rinse with water afterwards.
    Dish soap won't break down the resin.
    Have fun.

  14. Haha I work at the dollar store and people (including me) use that shit for everythinggg! I don't know about using it for cleaning a bong... you'd have to rinse it like ....1000x right?
  15. i JUST RINSE IT ABOUT 3 TIME WITH REAL hot water. until it doesn't produce any more bubbles. It makes youre bong sparkling clean. cleaner then when you bought it. Give it a try you wont be disappointed.
  16. i rinse my bong out everynight with hot water n she stays clean always

    but if ur gunked up just run some warm 99% iso n it will come off while ur pouring it in
  17. Rofl but acetone n 99% iso is safe?
  18. didnt even catch that
    although soap scum is a bitch to get rid of..either clr or white vinager

  19. Hmmm... Sure! :D But Im trying it with my spoon first.
  20. iso and salt, shake it, wash it out with water.

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