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cleaning bong with nail polish remover

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by violet2, May 26, 2009.

  1. will this work for cleaning my bong? my sister has a huge jug of it and i was wondering if it will be ok to clean my bong with?
  2. Nope, doesn't really work. Rubbing Alcohol is less than $1 per bottle though.
  3. It does work.I have done it.I would only use it on glass.
  4. Isn't nailpolish remover like 90% alcohol? I think it'd work just fine.

    EDIT: but as the poster above mentioned, only on glass.
  5. Why do you say this? :confused:

    All nail polish remover is, is Acetone with some fragrance added to it. Acetone is a MUCH more strong/effective organic solvent than rubbing alcohol is. And yes, it works GREAT cleaning glass. While earning my degree, I had to spend a lot of time in the organic chemistry lab. We had big squirt bottles at the end of each lab table full of acetone for rinsing and cleaning all of our glass beakers, flasks, pipets, burets, etc. before we put them away.

    When using it to clean your glass pipes, just be sure to wear gloves (if you get a little on you it won't burn/kill you, but will really dry out your skin since it strips the oil from them), and be in a well-ventilated area (open a window, and avoid the fumes, you will notice the fumes especially when you pour it into the sink to rinse out). Also when plugging the holes of your glass/shaking it, shake it one time to start out and then unplug one of the holes to vent the generated pressure from the acetone (after you have done this one time, you can continue shaking without venting).

    Acetone generally evaporates extremely quickly and residue-free, but I still recommend rinsing out your glass with warm soapy water followed by clean water after the acetone cleaning. This is especially true if you are using nail polish remover and not "straight" acetone as the nail polish remover will have more added chemicals to it.

    For a better value, I usually go to Home Depot or some store like it, and pick up a big metal can of straight Acetone for around 6 bucks. Lasts longer than nail polish remover, is the same thing without all the extra added crap, and is much cheaper compared to the tiny bottles of nail polish remover you can buy in stores.
  6. Nail polish remover does work, my bong was filthy, I mean pretty much black with resin, I've had it for over  a year now without really cleaning it, so I poured in some hot water and gave it a shake and let it sit for 2 mins, emptied the water and poured in just enough nail polish remover to cover the bottom of the bong, about a mm, and put in some rock salt, shook it up and after 2 minutes of shaking, it was sparkly clean, I rinsed the bong out for about 5 minutes and let it sit, and then rinsed again, no left over smell, bong looks like new and I have only used a drop nail polish remover. Worked a treat, loaded my bong and hit it and it was like a brand new bong. Hope this helps
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  7. It works, but its straight nasty. Did it once and my piece tasted like acetone for like a month
  8. Does the job just make sure to get all the nail polish remover out before you start using it
  9. sounds like it would linger.  just use alcohol, it's tried and true and cheap.
  10. It works. Do whatever you want.

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