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Cleaning bong with dishsoap?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Aaronl8n, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Ive always used 420 cleaner and rubbing alcohol but im out, just wondering if there were any reasons NOT to use dish soap?

    Anyone ever tried it.. if you have did it clean well?

    thanks homies
    -Aaron :smoke:
  2. Well I guess if you don't mind tasting soap when you hit it...
  3. There's no reason not to, but no, it doesn't clean as well as rubbing alcohol and salt. That's really all you need....it's like 4 bucks to get a big bottle of rubbing alcohol and some coarse salt, go get some!

    **note: If you use soap on a plastic pipe, I would rinse it like 12 times to get rid of all the soap, if it is a glass/ceramic piece...just rinse it. Do you taste soap on your dishes?
  4. I do it all the time. Hot water and soap works alright. And no I have never had my bong taste like soap afterwords.
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  5. if you can and no one will complain about the smell, pop it in the dishwasher
  6. go for it i use it all the time.just make sure to rinse it out extra good no one wants a soapy bong hit!
  7. Hmm I've never put the bong in the dishwasher before. Do you think the downstem will be alright?
  8. if you use your dishwasher be sure that your bong isnt gonna crack from heat. gotta be thick glass. and it should be tilted so water doesnt sit in it.

    I used dishsoap to clean mine when it starts to smell. then when it gets resiny i break out alch and salt.

  9. ^ thanks bro, its snowing like crazy here and im snowed in with no bud just looking for something to take up my time. Ill give it a try.

    and my dishes dont taste like soap

    :smoke: thanks
  10. I use soap after every session but residue still builds up, just a lot slower.
  11. is it bad to smoke from health wise? and what about washing machine crystal things you scoop and its powder? just a thought im a bit blazed :p
  12. I always soak it in Ivory dishsoap.. What's wrong with that? You eat off your dishes that you just washed with dishsoap.

  13. I used shampoo once to get rid of the smell of some opium a friend had smoked in my bubbler. It cleaned, but not as well as $3 worth of iso alcohol and salt. Did get rid of the smell though.
  14. I cleaned my first glass on glass with soap once... wasn't the brightest of ideas, had soap bubbling up whenever i took a hit, took like 20 minutes to get rid of them :p
    ISO + SALT = clean
  15. Using dish soap definitely helps with smell i use it all the time just make sure to thoroughly rinse it so there's no more bubbles left
  16. I pretty much only use dawn dish soap on my bong, it doesnt work as good as iso and salt but it will get my bong clean.

    @wengmastachung what would be the problem with putting a bong that wasnt too thick in a dishwasher? All my glass cups are less than half the thickness of my bong and have never broken in the dishwasher. (my bong is only 3 mm thick)
  17. I normally just use dish soap to clean the outside of the bong (though I don't see a problem with using it on the inside, just won't work as well as iso/salt), and also to clean all the oily resin off of the outer area of the down stem.
  18. just use orange chronic.
  19. I've used vanish oxi action and oxi-clean (which is the machine crystaly things you speek of) IN A GLASS BONG before and worked like a charm, after a few cleans it stopped doing it so well though not sure why, also acetone is good to clean with some people say weird shit about it but it actually is the shit! (I can't seem to find iso in the uk) just make sure your in a well ventilated area and if you use nail varnish remover then make sure it's pure acetone or acetone and Aqua u don't want all those weird shitty other chemicals in there, never clean your Peice while your baked bad things will be sure to come your way.
  20. Boots and other pharmacists sell it as surgical spirit.

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