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  1. hey guys today i was trying to fill up my bong (knock off double perc, there each single domes). anyway i couldnt even blow the water into the second chamber. its so clogged from not using the ash catcher. i had nothing to clean it with but really wanted to so I put some Bio Cleaner Drain cleaner into and have had it sitting for a couple hours and im going to over night. just wanted to make sure this is safe, after i rinse it a couple times tomorow?thanks
  2. Is it that the tree arms are clogged with gunk? What you may have to do is first put it in the beaker/tube where the joint is and then turn it upside down? so it goes through the first perc and ends up in the second chamber. Then let it sit for a a while(6-24 hours) from the sound of how clogged it is. When my perc had gunk in it at the top of the tree where nothing would ever touch it, I tilted the bong on its side so the gunk would be submerged. That did the trick.
  3. he has dome percs so his treess are clogged lol

    well first rinse the drain cleaner out

    2: try some iso and salt if too strong for any qwater to leak in try simplegreen and let it soak with pressure of water trying to go into your perc. migfht break though with a couple shakes from time to time.

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