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Discussion in 'General' started by i'm_NORML, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Hey everybody, it's been a while but howdy!!!!!!!!

    I just bought a new glass pipe on Saturday. It's the shit, I love it, but it's already starting to become covered in resin. I had a friend once upon a time who told me the best way to get the pipe completely clean and resin-free by soaking it in water and a few other ingredients, but I can't remember what he said (too much pot in my life since then, haha). Anyway, anybody have any tips on what to soak the pipe in to get it brand spanking new again? Any help would be much appreciated.

    (I'm packing a bowl while I'm waiting for replies...FYI)
  2. You can buy cleaning products from head shops that work well. I have used rubbing alcohol and salt to great effect. There are tons of suggestions Here.
  3. Rubbing alcohol and kosher salt is great, i'll usually let mine sit for 20-30 mins in a ziplock bag with all my parts in it and occassional shake it around, however it won't kill the smell so much after it's clean. Forumal 420 is by far the best stuff i've used on glass and metal today for that sparkling clean smell and look and taste.
  4. yeah dude, like dyno said; I always get a plastic zip loc bag, pour in either 70% or 90% rubbing alcahol, pour some sea salt or big salt ( like that goes into salt grinders ), drop in your piece, shake for 10 min, rinse with warm water, repeat if needed.

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