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Cleaning a Grinder

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cannabis Riffs, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. What utinsels and chemicals would one use to clean a grinder after removing the kief?

    My grinder has gotten a bit rough to turn due to weed sticking on the sides of the mouth of the grinder.
  2. use a steak knife or other sharp tool (razor/ boxcutter?) to get that stuff off the sides of the grinder. Thats just more kief/ leaf for you to smoke! Then if it still does turn throw it in some isopropyl alcohol for the night and rinse it really well in the morning and let it dry.
  3. The only time my grinder needs cleaning is after some really sticky weed goes through it. I just rinse with ethanol, the smallest amount possible, and pour it onto a small plate and let it evaporate naturally. What is left is just hash oil, not much, but waste not, want not i say.
  4. I use iso to clean soak 45 min let trhe iso evap scrape and enjoy.
  5. Does it really take 45 mins to soak? Hopefully i can get a fair amount of hash out of this. Oh and by the way im using 91%. Does that make a difference?
  6. The alcohol has the resin dissolved within 20 seconds, 45 mins, IMO, is a waste of time.
  7. K i was just thinkin damn hope i dont fuck it up. But it has been drying for like a hour now and its lookin like what others made. So i think im good. Thankz Aussie420 for u comment.

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