Cleaning a grinder

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  1. I have a mendo mulcher 3 chamber with keif screen I have had it for about a year now it it seems like my screen is Getting clogged an not much keif is going through. Any suggestions would be awesome
  2. take the section with the screen, put it in a plastic bag. then add 91% rubbing alcohol into the bag. shake that shit...

    let it dry and hooray, your grinder will suddenly be giving you so much kief.

    ... so much kief. :smoking:
  3. MAKE sure to put that iso on a plate after and let it evaporate then scrap n smoke :)

  4. this^^ exactly!

    i was every piece of my grinder though. :wave:
  5. ya rubbing alcohol works great for grinders and it doesn't have to even be 91 percent 70 works for grinders. now glass 91 works better .
  6. Thanks blades just did it. Worked wonders. I got more keif out of two nugs than I did out of a months use

  7. whaaaat could you give me a quick how to on this method
  8. [quote name='"panflake"']

    whaaaat could you give me a quick how to on this method[/quote]

    1. Soak the grinder in alcohol. You need to soak each piece separately, not the whole grinder put together.

    2. After you've soaked it, (overnight is best, but any soak will yield results), pour the solution onto a plate.

    3. Set a fan over the plate, and let the alcohol evaporate.

    4. Take a straight razor and scrape the remains. It's basically kief hash.

    5. Top a bowl and enjoy!

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