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Cleaning a bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Darkest, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Well I was testing my bowl last night and there was no air flow when I covered the carb, so I think the resin is like clogging it up.

    What could I do to clean it in like less than an hour because I don't have much time to myself?

    Without like boiling water or soaking it in something for a while?

    It'll be my first time to lol.

    If there is another thread then you can just link that!
  2. Pipe cleaners and (rubbing) alcohol. You'll be good.
  3. the best way to do it is use salt and viniger.. just place it in a solution of this for a while and it will break all the shit down and come out easily
  4. Then rinse out with water and wait for it to dry? I don't wanna like smoke salt if that's even possible ahah!
  5. Yeah man use kosher salt and rubbing alcohol (or vinegar I guess, never tried using vinegar however). Let it soak in a large zip lock back for a little bit, then run pipe cleaners through it where you can, rinse it, and then let it dry.
  6. Checkout the grasscity piece cleaning guide. Put it in a ziplock bag with rubbing alcohol(highest percentage you can find) and some coarse salt and shake like hell for a few minutes. If you want to loosen up resin first then boil some water in a kettle until steams comes out and let steam go through the glass for a few seconds before cleaning.

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