cleaned my one hitter and...

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  1. Hi! I use a metal one hitter usually (because I'm cheap) and when I cleaned it all this brown shit came out. Can I do anything with that stuff or should I toss it?
  2. That brown shit is the weed poop.

    When you smoke ganja it leaves a residue known as resin. Back in the forgotten days of yore when ganja wasn't so main stream us young scrubs would smoke it. Some still do but I can say with all honesty I wish I never had. It's full of all sorts of nasty shit that is cancerous amongst other things.

    It tastes pretty horrible as well. The high you get is lackluster and gives me a head ache if I remember right. I would just throw it out. To be honest, just soak that piece in rubbing alcohol over night. It will be sparkling clean by morning. Keep the alcohol in a jar with lid and reuse it over and over again.
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  3. Ajroxit is 100% right. But if ur cheap and don't want to spend $ on a piece u can probably make a mason jar bong easily with the tools at your house (links on YouTube)

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  4. I clean mine with toothpicks and rubbing alcohol and toss it.

  5. What you got there is resin, smokeable but who the fuck would want to smoke it! :p I always get headaches when my friends offer me some.
  6. You can break it down in 91% ISO and make dabbs bro

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