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Cleaned my grinder....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Carlik, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Hello so I've recently cleaned two grinders now with rubbing alcohol/ iso on what I beleive to be aluminum (the grinder ). What has happened is I've cleaned them rinsed with water then let them sit /dry and put them back together . By now when I open I see these black marks all inside the grinder . Someone said it was a chemical reaction but am I safe to use? How do I prevent ? And how do I get rid of this black? image.jpeg
  2. before you used the alcohol was it getting those marks? because if it wasn't that could just be a chemical reaction between the metal and alcohol. I'm not sure if its necessarily safe but its probraly not going to kill you
  3. That's how it was machined dude. Have you not seen "how it's made" like ever? Water cooled router bit cuts away all but those posts those swirls are from the tip of the router moving from spot to spot to remove the excess aluminum. You can even track the path the bit used in several spots. The post directly to the right of the center magnetic post? It's clear as day the path around the post that the router cut to make it. Pretty neat

    I hope you reclaimed all the sticky stuff off the grinder before you cleaned it? I never clean mine with anything other than a pick. I get about a gram of the dankest hash and Keif every time....good shit
  4. Well yes I know. But it was lighter before and it turned darker after cleaning it with the rubbing alcohol

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