Cleaned my grinder and now there's black metallic stuff inside

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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg Hello I'm new to the forums, so I recently cleaned my grinder with Iso(rubbing alchohol) and I went to open it today and it had a metallic black look on the of the parts . I have no idea how this happened. Any ideas?

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  2. Is it flaking off? I normally soak my grinder in ISO and I've never seen this happen. Mine looks almost identical to yours.
  3. No I can't seem to scratch it off or anything . And I'm pretty dang sure I used rubbing alchohol .
  4. Maybe some kind of chemical reaction (although I'm not sure what it'd be), I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were you. Wish I could help you more lmao. Maybe someone can come in and help more
  5. Appreciate it man. Hope so aswell
  6. Looks like oxidized bare aluminum. Personally I'd toss it and get one that's anodized on all surfaces. A number of my cooking appliances get that and it rubs off (if it's the same thing I'm thinking).
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  7. I would say toss it just to be safe. Amazon has those 4 piece grinders for like 10 bucks.

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