Cleaned my bong with simple green, worked GREAT except for...

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  1. ...the downstem. The bong is a custom ETSY piece, and (unfortunately) the downstem isn't removable. Trust me, lesson piece I get will have a removable downstem.

    Anyways, plugged the hole and let the SG sit and do its thing for over 24hrs, then rinsed it off with water. The bong looks GREAT, but the downstem looks like it didn't even get touched. I got some pics, they're super blurry phone pics but the main point is how dirty it is lol:



    Any easy ways to clean this? Only thing I can think of is some sort of extended q-tip that I can use to scrub all the shit out. What confuses me though is how the SG did an amazing job on every other inch of the bong, but the one part that needed it the most didn't change at all.

    So any ideas blades??

    Have used iso + salt in the past, and I can say, without a doubt, that SG cleans at least 2x better. It's cheaper (because you can reuse it), way easier (no need to shake it, just pour and leave it), and it gets the shit off better. Before when I'd clean with iso + salt there would still be water lines and resin caked all around the bottom of my tube. Now it's all gone! SG FTW!
  2. toothbrush works very well

  3. Wow perfect idea, I think the hole is just big enough. It's a 14mm joint, so it'd be a tight fit...but the tighter the better as long as it works lol!

    My GF and I are about to go swimming, but after that I'll try it out. Thanks dude!
  4. yeah for sure. i stole my brothers toothbrush haha. he'll never know.

  5. Until he uses it, thats classy :p
  6. lol well i didnt put it back cause hes got like 3 or 4. but it shouldnt matter he uses a electric one. but one of these days i should put it back after its throughly washed its like black right now haha
  7. Well I've got to ask the obvious first... was the SG even touching the inside AND outside of the downstem at that spot? It doesn't look like it. If SG sat in contact with that resin for 24 hours and made no difference you need to clean your glass way way more often.
  8. you should defs try to clean the downstem, wouldnt want any simple green soaked into that resin, then inhaled ahah, i know it would be a tiny amount, but it would ruin the flavor... the tooth brush idea would work
  9. yeah ive been thinking about getting SG. but idk which one to buy. anyone wanna post a pic of the bottle?
  10. There are picsof the concentrated SG jug around here.

    I suggest getting some pipe cleaners, you can cut and bend them easily. Do another soak but shake a bit and swirl it around at LEAST every few hours.
  11. Simple green comes in many containers. Look for a big white container (like bleach) or a smaller 2 litre (see through, so green).

    Just leave it overnight again, sometimes it takes more than once. Or use a toothbrush, great idea. :smoking:
  12. Use a q-tip man, you should be able to get it looking brand new with that!
  13. theres no way if simple green was touching that resin downstem, that it didnt get clean. try a wine bottle cork or plstic wrap with a rubberband to tie off the joint. then pour in the sg all the way until it covers the rez. let sit over night and ur good to go

  14. Well I had the downstem plugged up, and I filled the ENTIRE tube (as in, as much would fit without overflowing out the top) with SG. I'm 99% sure it was touching the SG because if I dont plug that hole, water/shit comes out of the SG had to have been touching it!

    And since I've had this piece I've cleaned it with iso + salt every other week, but I think the iso + salt never make it to the INSIDE of the maybe that's why it's caked on so much.

    This is the one I got:


    I bought 2 bottles, and it took 1.5 to fill my bong. And luckily I saved the used SG for next time :). And next time I'm at Wal-Mart or wherever I'll look for the big 1 gallon jug.

    That's pretty much what I did man. Plugged the hole, filled the ENTIRE tube with SG (all the way to where your mouth goes) and let it sit for like 28hrs.

    So it seems like the general consensus is to let it sit again. Should I just go for 24hrs again? Or should I go for more this time?
  15. i still say scrub with the toothbrush i dont see any harm in trying it and seeing if it works. they work really well.

  16. I meant to say I'd try this first, and if it didn't work well try the SG method bad lol.
  17. sweet yeah. but i suggest using like either iso, or SG or warm water on the tooth brush it will make it work better. and the tight fit does help. i use it to clean my bowls when theres parts that are hard to get to. works pretty well. hopefully it goes well. and tomorrows gonna be a great day for you with your new WS Double Bubbler
  18. was your downstem filled with air? If you sealed the downstem THEN poured in the SG, that could be the case?

  19. exactly what I thought after the last post. Fill the base up to the joint, swirl it around to get any trapped air to bubble out then seal it and fill the rest. But even if that was the case I don't see why Iso and salt didn't work(maybe you just need to pour some salt directly into the joint??)
  20. What I do for trouble spots like that is get some string and push it through with a skewer or something.

    I find it'll usually dislodge stuff like that, and then after you just pull the string out.

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