Cleaned glass pipe, salt/alcohol residue left

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  1. Hey guys, so yesterday I cleaned my pipe with alcohol and salt. I almost got it completely clean, with the majority of the resin being gone from the pipe. However, I didn't get everything. Near the mouth piece and around the bowl there's still some alcohol and salt infused resin.

    I'm wondering is the pipe safe to use? I'm not going to be smoking the alcohol/salt resin inside, but it does get heated as it's a glass pipe ( I take a lot of long slow hits). But the smoke also passes over it.

    Lmk please!
  2. So rinse it out some more with water and you'll be fine.
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  3. The whole idea of using IPA is that it leaves no residue?
  4. There was a lot in the pipe. Like half a year of heavy daily use. When I run water through it it just gets sticky again. Of course I can just run it through the iso salt bath again but is the pipe safe to use in it's current state?
  5. Yup. I'm sure most all of us have cleaned our pipes with that and we're fine.
  6. It'd be safe to use, and slightly nicer than before but if you carry on with the cleaning it'll look like new eventually
  7. You'll want to clean it out or it's going to mix with the resin as you smoke making it impossible to clean. The easiest and best way to clean glass is first by flushing or submerging in hot water.

    What I do with my bong is I run hot water from the tap down the tube first for a good five minutes then I run hot water through the joint end (where the bowl goes). The hot water should slowly fill up and the friction of the hot water will break loose all of the crap and goopy shit. You'll notice that in five minutes of this your bong will be 90% clean.

    Dump out all of the water, cap the joint end off (I use plastic bag and a rubber band), fill the bong with isopropyl alcohol, cap off the tube end (yup, rubber band and plastic bag again), let it set for a good 15 minutes to a half hour, empty the ISO alcohol into a container for re-use, rinse your bong and you're ready to use it.

    The key is the hot water melting and breaking down the resin. More then that the hot glass helps a ton when you add the alcohol. Really though, if you run hot water through your bong every few days it will stay clean pretty much for ever.....

    And yes, a little salt never hurt anyone so it's safe as long as the isopropyl alcohol has evaporated out.
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  8. Don't use it man. The salt infused resin will go down your trachea and into your lungs and it will tear every alveoli it comes across causing severe internal bleeding. You will therefore go on a trip to Belize due to choking on your own blood.
  9. Smoke it, was fine. But the first couple hits were comparatively harsher. I'll probably give it one more go through iso tonight without salt

    Edit: I should say that when I'm exhaling I taste coppery salt.
  10. What are some signs of internal bleeding?
  11. Chest pain, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, coughing up blood, impotence, nausea, apathy, constipation, depression, suicidal thoughts, death
    you know, the usual.

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