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  1. Ok so the pipe I've been smoking on and off with a bubbler for the past 5 months every day is covered in resin (never been cleaned) I love the way it looks cuz it's a color changing pipe, and me and my friend figured we got high from the resin too so why clean it.

    All of today though, it's been clogging every time i pack a bowl. Should i clean the whole thing? Or are there any real benefits to having a dirty pipe, if so what should I do about the clogging?

  2. Keep your shit clean man. I cant stand when I go to a friend's house and all their shit is caked in resin. Sure, you can get SORTA high off of it, but it's fucking nasty.

    Take a ziploc bag, fill it 1/3 up with hot water, and another 1/3 with rubbing alcohol (the higher the % the better). Add a shitload of table salt, throw your pipe in, and shake it around like a mad man.

    Do that for 5-10 minutes and it'll get a lot of the buildup off. Might need to scrape some of the resin out of it's thick, just dont use anything metal because it'll scratch your pipe up.

    Smoking from clean pieces just makes the high more enjoyable and tasty :D
  3. im liking it more recently to have my pipes dirty. it makes me feel somewhat accomplished. im trying to change the color of my spoon since i never have before. it should be sweet.
  4. Its color chaning, its meant to be dirty. Just clean out the downstem (on the bubbler.. kinda not sure if its a bubbler or a spoon we're talking about) and the mouthpiece and maybe the bowl and you're good. I never cleaned my bubbler and i had it for about 4 or 5 months till i broke it and i only ever cleared the downstem out every so often to keep it hitting like a champ. That was by far the best piece i ever bought. it was color changing and it was only 10 bucks! neways sry to pirate ur thread just there.. but ya i would say keep it dirty, only you'll know when its time to clean it :D

    oh and a sidenote just cuz i like my bubblers dirty doesnt mean i dont clean my pieces... I cant stand hitting a dirty bong, its mmmmeeeggggaaa gross :p
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    The only benefit to a really dirty glass piece is that other people won't want to hit it, if you'd call that a good thing.
    When it's clogging you know it needs to be fully cleaned.

    Get some Q tips, iso rubbing alcohol, some salt, and a ziplock bag.
    You should run hot tap water through it for a minute or two just to loosen up and soften the resin a bit. Use a Q tip dipped in alcohol to clean the bowl. Then put it in the ziplock bag and pour in more then enough alcohol to fill the piece, then a spoonfull of salt. Shake it up vigorously until it completly clean. Make sure to rinse it really well afterwards.

  6. Is there an echo in here?

  7. I think it's really nasty when it's dirty, it should always be cleaned if you want fresh hits, and cleaner hits.

    Once you wash it you're going to see all that brown shit, you want that in your lungs?

    Doubt it.
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    Don't use any water if you want to save the resin/tar... mmmmm

    - Put enough iso in a tupperware container to halfway cover/fill your piece, but don't put your piece in it yet.

    - Put the lid on the container, but leave it open a crack to let steam out. If it's in a ziplock bag, leave it open a little bit and place the whole thing in a cup or a bowl so it doesn't tip and spill...

    - Microwave the alcohol for 15 seconds and then test if it'll boil yet by swishing it around a bit. It boils faster than water, so it doesn't have to get hot enough to actually melt plastic, and as long as nothing sparks to ignite the fumes, it won't catch fire...
    My microwave takes thirty seconds or so to get it to a boil, and it's an old microwave

    - Put your piece into the hot iso container, and shake it all around. You'll want to wear some little gloves or socks on your hands- it'll be hot - and you'll still have to leave a crack for the fumes to escape or else the container/bag inflates- so try not to spill it all...

    I use a straightened spoke from a bike wheel to scrape all the big gunk out, and the alcohol should pull most everything else off...

    - Then pour your brown, stinky alcohol onto a big plate or pan and set it somewhere safe where nothing will fall into it or set it on fire, and let it evaporate for a few hours or a day or two, depending on how much iso you used.

    - Finally, once all the liquid's evaporated, if you did a thorough job you can scrape up pretty much every bit of resin that was in the pipe, mold it into manageable pieces, and store it for when you really need it...

    *prepares to be flamed*
  9. I'd have to say all responses were reasonable ideas but I decided to give er a clean. I thought I'd take a BEFORE and AFTER picture of my piece to show you guys,


    And AFTER:
  10. if you dont eat off a dirty plate then i wouldnt smoke off a dirty bong :p
  11. Clean is the only way to go, clean and enjoy my friend.
  12. keeping your piece dirty to get that little high off the resin is like taking a plate out of the trash to eat on because the last person may have left some crumbs
  13. scrap that shit then roll one up and clean your peice high
  14. SPOTLESS CLEAN. Lol im so OCD about my glass. I clean my bongs almost daily and i refill it every time i smoke with RAGING HOT water.
  15. Nice Dry Hammer :D
    i used to have one just like that.
  16. i left my old peice dirty. this one i clean after every use. 10x happier with it

  17. ahhh maryland thats whats up yo. 410 reppin
  18. nice thread ima neat freak when it comes to my pieces i own 1tube 2spoons ..the tube is cleaned after every sesh my fully worked spoon is also cleaned after..the only 1 i let get dirty is my honeycomb fumed spoon wich im workin on lol should be dope..:smoking:
  19. Dude, get a ziplock baggie, some isopropyl alcohol preferably 91%, a thing of kosher salt, then combine them all in the ziplock (including your bubbler) and shake the shit out of it.
    Its best to run hot water thru the bubbler first to loosen the resin.
    You can get all that for under $5 at target,k-mart,walgreens etc.
    I cant believe no one said that yet.....:bongin:
  20. Benefits of a dirty piece: you get hepatitis c, and can apply for a medical card.

    Not really...

    Dirty pieces are down right disgusting.

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