Clean/Sober Returning to College

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    Im a little over 6 months clean and sober from pretty miserable alcoholism, and some drug addiction.

    Ive gotten a lot of my life back, and Im going to be living on a college campus again.

    I know it's up to me to remain on the right path regardless of temptations, but have any of you been in similar circumstances or have any constructive advice?

    Wish me luck.

    Edit: Will for SURE be hitting up the gym every day, like I do now.
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  2. Yes I do have a suggestion. Stop posting to GC & find a sober place to hang out if you have that kind of an issue. I know they told you in the meeting rooms about slippery places, well this is one of them.
    Cheers & good luck with that brother:D

  3. Im not there yet. Im still at home.

    I dont plan on sitting around on gc while im there don't worry. lol

    Thanks for the good luck wish.
  4. I've been in your shoes voluntarily. I only smoke maybe twice every two weeks. I have one beer on my day off up at the casino where I'll play, 5 dollars max. Just got to do everything in moderation.
  5. Egads, you act like a normal person, lol. If you can maintain that kind of lifestyle more power to you.
    After over twenty years in those meeting rooms I gave it up to deal with my arthritis pain, some days I can barely walk. It also helps me get a decent nights sleep which is a problem for me.
    All in all I have more fun:D

  6. This bit right here was useless.
  7. Really pleased that you've got your life back on track man, I can totally relate to that. If things get tough, don't go back to what you were doing. Yeah, it'll give you a temporary escape but in the long run it only fucks everything up (as I'm sure you know).

    However, if you do relapse it's not the end of the world. Recovery is an ongoing thing! Here if you need to chat man!
  8. Do like I did my last two years of college. Just ignore all other students and study like mad. Go out of your way to make friends and get to know all your professors. Act like they are your peers and not like the other students are. Get in where you can get some rec's and go to grad school. Eyes on the prize young man. That's the only way you'll get anywhere.

  9. Great advice. Thanks for your encouragement.

    Im starting to study accounting and I plan on working VERY hard.
  10. i went out of my ways to meet others, it would be fun they said.

    I got jumped in the projects.
  11. Yeah, just stay focused and avoid all temptations as much as possible. Drugs should be easy to avoid, but unfortunately alcohol is everywhere. You will gain more and more strength over time though. Good luck.

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