Clean Piss in About 3 Days... HELP

Discussion in 'General' started by KILLBUSH, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. hey, ok i just started going to these drug counseling sessions and i am going to be getting drug tested for about the next 2-3 months every week. today is Nov. 18. and the lady said my piss should be clear within about 21-25 days. so that leaves me at about mid December when i should start having clean tests. see the problem starts here. me and my friends have been planning this pink floyd concert for awhile now and the concert is on Jan. 8. which is a saturday and i usually go to the sessions about midweek, like tuesday or wednesday. and there is no way im going to a pink floyd concert without smokin. I plan on going on DXM and smokin some blunts on the way there. smokin some blunts actually there. and then smokin some on the way home. so i have from saturday night till mid-week to get a clean test, about 3 or 4 days. what are some recommendations from yall to help clean my system in that desigated time.

    i know to drink lots of water, beer, and excercise. do you think they test for detox products? and i also heard that putting bleach in your test will wipe out any chemicals in it. and i also thought of something i could say, i was gonna tell her that everyone was smoking inside and it was inevitable that i was gonna inhlae some smoke. so hopefully that will work.

    but please, any suggestions will be apreciated. thnx
  2. you could smoke small amounts periodically to keep the thc in ur system. That way you won't have a clean test prior to the concert. Not sure if this will work but its worth thinking about.

  3. That makes no sense to me. If he fails them all the way up to the test, he's gonna be in more trouble than one messed up test. Either way, if I were you and you are actually concerned about this, don't smoke. If you are semi-concerned, use the search button. I need to be a mod so I can be the search button Nazi and start closing threads. No offense or anything.
  4. water beer and exercise........all u gotta do...........dont risk it on a detox product..............3-4 days shuold be enough time for u to pass...........
  5. i think smoking a little bit is the best idea
    according to erowid a daily toker can have it in their fat cells for up to 12 weeks
    and if all else fails you can get a balloon full of clean piss for the test
  6. exactly

  7. Hey bro i'm in the same situation as you. I am also in a drug class until feb 2 and they test me every other week. I went to a kottonmouth king concert and had to resist the urge to smoke the tree while I was there even though I was offered so many joints and blunts from random people while there. I took some dxm and was happy but I know when that day comes that I can smoke it will be very delicious. Just wait it out man it's not worth the risk.
  8. yeah i hear that, but i dont know, im goint o a meeting this wednesday so ill see what she says
  9. hahaha im in rehab for another mounth then im back to the sweet cheeba, actully i dont have a test for 2 weeks so im smoking my self retarded for a couple days then flushing my system, i havent smoked in 3 weeks!!!

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