Clean pipe

Discussion in 'General' started by Nova, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. i just cleaned out my pipe and i am taking the smoothest hits ever^^ gotta love a clean pipe
  2. i agree, i love how smooth a clean anything hits. i got this stuff called orange chronic, a take off of orange clean. Lemme tell ya, it works like a charm
  3. if you're cheap like me all ya need is rubbing alcohol (less than 100%) and a little salt or rice, totally natural and effective
    and yeah it rocks, i love taking a fully colored pipe & cleaning it, and going WOAH i don't remember it being this plain when i bought it!!!
    and then watch it fill up with pretty colors again :)
    also, to taste the bud and only the bud is 'licous, especially in glass...

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