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  1. Ok first and foremost I apologize if this was asked posted or anything like that. i did use the search but couldnt find a like a real post bout it. sorry if there is one and i didnt look harder. sorry if this is in the wrong spot but it has to do with E so im guessin dat part is rite.

    but anyways ok so i was readin on how to pass a drug test thread and i came to it that taking niacin will help me clean my system of THC. i actually quit cold turkey from blazin since i REALLY need a job. :( but

    my question is does this work with E too?

    im asking cuz i jus started rollin again and my homie says MDMA jus stays in your body for a week tops but the onez with other shiit in it can last a while. other shiit as in coke, meth, speed, watever.

    but i was readin on another post that pills dont even have that shiit in them.

    i jus wanna kno if by doin this niacin flush method will i be cool to get a job related drug test and pass.

    i roll every other weekend sum timez all weekend. usually pop ill say 4-6 pills on the weekends i do roll.

    i have to do sumthin being sober is boring.

    thx in advance once again sorry if this was posted or watever b4
  2. find something else to take man.
    popping 'E' every weekend is only going to lead to you loosing the magic, neurotoxicity and a huge tolerance.
    don't abuse MDMA, once the magic is gone it's gone. unless you're the lucky people that can take a 2 year break then have it come back, sort of.

  3. but theres like really nuthin else out there.. i wanna take sumthin that feelz bomb i kno rollin like that can lead to probz in the future and shiit but wat else is there?!?

    but i jus wanna kno if i use that method will i come out clean..

    i kno i have to cut back on them too
  4. Listen to J-Joey bro.

    You never know (well, you could) what a roll can have it in so some of the substances could stay in your system longer than others. A big risk when in search of a job.
  5. i disagree with this.

  6. also pretty rough on your brain. Rolling a lot isn't good for you.

  7. yeaa i kno my sis was makin me look in 2 it and shiit. she da raver of da fam.

    what i think imma do is try to flush my system with the niacin method and just start poundin some brew again till i find a job.

    thx for the advice guys ill make sure ill roll like only at festivals and shiit. great time at the one last nite..

    in so cal btw
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    You're an idiot.

    E doesn't show up on 90% of drug tests. Know why? Because it's out of your body in around 3 days, max. None of the chemicals used in making E are fat soluble. And where were you reading that E doesn't have coke and meth in it? That's what most the pills have, so unless you're getting MDMA powder, you've been taking them. Good thing both don't show up after a few days on a DT. But don't worry about a DT man, McDonalds doesn't even do those!
    In your speak that's: Bro ur gud just don be rollin the nite b4 the entervew.

    Next, what on EARTH would make you think that E is the only thing around. Shrooms, Acid, DMT, Salvia, you name it, I guarantee with a bit of looking you can find it. Shrooms are great for making you feel awesome. I suggest them highly.

    Stop rolling you need what's left of your brain.

  9. LMAO qft.
  10. stop rolling for like 2 weeks at least just to be safe.

    and as a side note you are rolling too much man. it's also a concern that you read in another post that coke and meth isn't put into street pills and you believed it. sounds like you never really researched ecstasy did you?

    doing it "all weekend" and stuff is pretty bad. I've been rolling for over 3 years and i roll 1-3 times a YEAR. maybe you should look into the supplement plan that protects your head, no idea if it works personally.

    I am also a socal raver, and raves in socal are bullshit to what they used to be 2 years ago. Did you go to nocturnal 2007 when nocturnal was 18+? Shit was so good. Best night of my life. Every rave since then has become more and more of a joke. EDC of 08 and 09 is an exception.

    seriously, have you ever looked at how dirty and disturbing these raves have become? You sound like you're new to the scene, so this is probably all you know. I don't want to see 12-year-olds dress like they are on playboy. Especially not when I'm rolling.

    this is turning into a bitter rant, so i'll have to stop there :D

    but anyways man what you do with your head is your choice just know the for the job search you will be way chill after a week or so. since your punk ass chomps on so many pills, give it a few weeks. is your rave-name the pac-man? jk dude, i know people who take up to 20 pills a week. rave responsibly braaaaa

  11. well thank you for insulting my intelligence that was nice of you. but thats the whole reason i posted the thread is to find out if im good on a drug test. like i said i rolled b4 but i wasnt a mean ass pill popper. i stick with weed. and i didnt go and get an associates degree in graphic design to work at mickey dz. im tryin to get a REAL job.

    and i tried some shrooms b4 and yes its great but ive tried looking and no one round here has shiit. acid i tried also thats like a once a year thing for me. dmt never fucked with. and fuck salvia. yeaa i aint gonna waste all that money to trip out for 2 minutes.

    my brain cells are good tyvm :)

  12. never said i believed it i said i read it on another post, but not here. and yeaa i kno what you mean bout raves. nocturnal was good for me last night, i was rollin pretty hard. EDC 08 was the shiit tho. but yeaa i will admit im noobish to the whole rave scene. like i said im not the raver of the fam. im the stoner. so i apologize for asking such a noobish question.

    yes i kno what you mean bout the youngins in there skimpy outfits. but hey events need to make money some how and by making it all ages i bet they pulling in some profits.

    haha funny you say i chomp on pills. rave name aint pac-man but it is chomps.

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