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Clean out test a bust; must quit smoking for awhile :(

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Oregondaisy, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. #1 Oregondaisy, Oct 14, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
    Well my driving while stoned ticket finally caught up to me that I got a year ago. My attorney says I have to take diversion cause if I am found guilty, it will be hell to have a DUII on my record.

    I bought some stuff online which cost $75 and followed the directions to the letter. It said 99.9% effective. So I drank 32 oz of water, drank the stuff, just like the bottle said. It said it was most effective one hour after drinking it. I waited an hour went to a reputable lab, told them to pee test me. I came up positive. That stuff does not work!

    So I can't even start diversion until I can pee clean. If I pee dirty once, I am automatically convicted. I am going to quit soon. I can't quit now cause my friends are having a birthday party for me, and in a week I am picking up a pound of AlaskanThunderFuck from my grower. I'm going to have to jar it up and have a non smoker keep it for me for a few months.
  2. Prayin for ya Daisy!
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  3. Check out my ask IRON-EYES bunch a clean yer system info there
  4. NIACIN is vitamin B complex Takes impurities out of your system
  5. thanks so much! I'm going to need it. I wish they had notified me right after I got out of rehab for a broken back. I fell on the wet freeway while doing the sobriety test and broke my back. I hadn't smoked for a couple of months when I got out in march.
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  6. So you seriously fell down on a sobriety test and broke your back..and you cant stop smoking yet cause your bday is coming?lol
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  7. I don't have to quit smoking until I go to court. I will be going soon. Then I will learn what the terms of my diversion will be. I haven't been convicted of anything yet. I am definitely cutting way down in preparation for quitting.
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    None of that stuff works. If anyone takes the stuff and ends up clean, its luck only.

    I was on Federal Supervised Release for 8.5 years, and Ive seen so many people try everything to beat the tests its crazy. The only way to not fuck up , is to be clean. I quit weed for 12+ years. 6 of it because I was in Federal prison. Then even though I was doing grows when I was on supervised release, I never took the 1st hit,. But unfortunately my partner got busted, and ratted me out, so I went back for a supervised release violation, and pled guilty to a Class C State Felony. So the State ran my sentence Concurrent with my Federal time. My Federal Make Up Violation Time, was longer than the Parole Eligibility vs the Class C, so the State saved money letting the Feds deal with me.

    But unless you want them up in your ass, forever, you better buckle down and quit long enough to be clean.

    It took me 53 days to test clean. Being tested by the Feds.
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  9. Thanks. That's my plan. I am going to quit for about 6-8 weeks then go to the lab and get tested. This is somewhere I can go on my own and get tested to make sure I'm clean before sign up for diversion. I already called the place and they said all i have to say is I can't pass a test and they ask you when you can pass it and I'll say 60 days. When I was in treatment years ago, it took 60 days for me to pee clean.
  10. Where do I find this thread? TyiA
  11. Right Here
  12. You cant quit until your birthday despite the fact that smoking is what caused your problems to start with? Sorry but it sounds childish and like you have your priorities seriously out of whack. Birthdays are nothing special, they only mark the fact that you managed to survive another year and that is hardly an accomplishment.
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    My birthday is not the big issue here. My birthday is one day before my court date.

    I am picking up a pound of Alaskan Thunderfuck from my grower in a week. Do you really expect me not to try it? I am going to jar it up and give it to a friend who doesn't smoke to keep it for me. I've quit before for years. After I complete diversion, I may just quit for good and give away that pound to my friends and my brother. I haven't really decided what I am doing yet, other than I am not quitting tomorrow.

    Do you know how many people on here have someone else pee for them or use synthetic pee or dilute their pee then take vit B to color it yellow? These are people who could go to jail for peeing dirty. I am going to quit.

    Like I said, I haven't been convicted of anything yet. And WTF ? Maybe your birthday is nothing special. My friends are having a really big party for me since it happens to fall on a night that our favorite band is playing. I am really looking forward to it and having some fun, which I rarely do. I'll probably pass out joints of Alaskathunderfuck to all my friends since I won't be smoking it after that.

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