Clean!!!!! off my RX meds!!!

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  1. i've been clean for about a week now! I weened off Prozac and lamictal, and once i got down to 10mg prozac, i just went cold turkey, n i've been fine. I thought i was going to start abusing klonopins as i was getting off all this, but i havent even been taking those, (with the exception of a .5mg when i feel a panic attack). At first, it kind of sucked, n i was getting flu like symptoms. Then those went away, but i felt constantly like... confused, or.. maybe it was depersonalization, im not really sure... it felt like the day after a mushroom trip for 7 days straight. Now im starting to feel "normal" again, which is good. I still take the klonopins when needed, but i find it funny that i was more relient on them when i was on prozac then now, now that im off. The prozac was supposed to reduce my stress/panic attacks so that i barely needed k-pins, but i needed em all the time. i've been "needing" them much less now.

    Just wanted to share that little tid bit with everyone. Im really excited to be off this shit. Im 20 years old, i shouldnt have to be worrying about taking my medication every day.
    and now that im off the prozac..... guess whos trippin on 'cid for his first time this saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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  2. Good times man... generally those type of drugs catalyze larger problems and leave a big crater when people get off them. I'm truly glad to see you make this move!

    And you seem to like your shrooms by your sig, get ready to LOVE acid! :)

    May I inquire as to whereabouts in NE you are?
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    im in RI. yea i was only on all this since the summer, n i didnt notice enough of a positive effect to stay on em. Weed helps me out more than prozac ever did, n i just started meditating which helps with my anxiety more than the klonopins.

    and hell yea, i love pschadelics, ive been eating shrooms religiously and im soooooooooooo excited to finally drop acid... i already got the tabs sittin in my drawer. 3 little white squares, hopefully enough to split between two people. actually, its 4 little squares, but they aren't cut evenly- kid said it was 3 hits

    [edit] seems like new england has been really tuning into the city lately, ive never seen so many NE people as of late, i keep getting PMs n whatnot, its awesome!!!!
  4. Congrats bro.. I got off all those messed up meds about a year ago, and I have felt much more mentally clear since then..
  5. Congrats, I wish I could quit my RX cold turkey, I take Zyprexa, Vistaril, Cogentin and Kpinz.
  6. yea, dont stop the kpins cold turkey, very dangerous, but im sure you know that. i still take my kpins, but ive been much more responsible with them lately

  7. sick dude your gonna have a blast. if you really wanna trip balls, Id highly reccommend taking all three hits though. 1.5 is great for threshhold effects, contemplation, and some minor visual distortions, but 3 hits is what you want for a life changing, visual trip.
  8. Yeah, my psychiatrist will ween me off of them eventually. It's the Zyprexa that I want to stop taking cold turkey.
  9. Good to hear that you got throught it alright man..

    Welcome to freedom :)

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