clean my pipe?

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  1. I was never one to really clean my pipe. Execpt for the occasional resin scrape ;) but i want to.clean my spoon. Someone told me i could do it in boil it in water.

    Whats the best way i could clean her with out having to buy anything? Currently broke. Ha
  2. I would suggest just going out to your local head shop and picking up a bottle of resignate. it's the shit def. worth the 8 bucks

    why waste time with alcohol and salt, it stinks and sometimes manifest inside your pipe
  3. Here she is

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  4. 90% alcohol and rock salt
  5. Go buy 70% iso alcohol and salt. Will be a great investment (~$2) and it works better then the shit you buy..except Grunge Off which is good but expensive. Iso+Salt+Baggie+shaking, rinse, repeat.
    ALWAYS USE A CLEAN PIPE, Its healthier, tastier and better. seriously, a dirty pipe not only ruins taste but also steals THC from you

  6. if you're out of cash and on some fiend shit you could soak it over night according to a buddy of mine in 91% iso and make a huge resin ball but that shit seems so dirty i havent tried it
  7. If you have alcohol and salt that is the best way to clean your pipe, but if you dont have the alcohol boil for 15 min in salt water and most will come out but the rest will have to be wiped out. When you boil it most of the res should be able to tap out but I suddgest the alcohol and salt because it seems you have a very small opening to clean it out and with the alcohol and salt it dessolves it more of less turning it into a sludge witch will come out more efficiently the method for the alcohol and salt is:

    Put the bowl in a medium to large ziplock bag the fill the bag with alcohol untill it covers the piece. Then add 2-4 table spoons of salt and shake it vigoriously (without droping the bag) untill clean. If you are still shaking after 15 min and is not coming clean restart from the begining. If I unup cleaning mine here soon I'll make a vid.

    For good messure when ity is clean rinse with hot water in the sink :)

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