Clean in 15 days

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Raoul II, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. My parents and I have basically come to an agreement that if I can stay clean for 90 days, they will buy me this guitar that I have been absolutely fiending for (Alembic Tribute: The one annoying thing is that I had to agree to drug tests so they could be sure. Today, without doing anything to dilute the test or anything, I passed after just 15 days (I was a daily smoker before). :hello:

    This really isn't that hard...only two and a half months to go, and hopefully weed will be decriminalized in Massachusetts when I can smoke again :D
  2. When i was brought into juvenile hall, i had to take a test and i had just smoked 5 days before and i came up clean.
    Good luck to you on gettin the guitar, but i'm pretty sure california will be the first state to ever decriminalize mj at the rate they're making progress :smoke:
  3. That's one pricey fucking guitar, bro. Looks awesome, though, so good luck on your sobriety.
  4. holy fuck I was like its probably not that pricey but damn he wasn't exxagerating I'd fucking go 90 days sober for that in a second. When u get that guitar u should smoke before u play lmao

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