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Clean honeycomb bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by S1imShady, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. So I have a 3 chamber honeycomb bong and I have I have buildup of bud residue clumped together in between two of the chambers. The pieces are two big to go thru the chamber and immediately make my bong dirty. Anyone else have this problem and know how to disintegrate the residue?

    Ps. Alcohol, rock salt, vinegar , lemon haven't worked.

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  2. I have used simple green. U think agent orange would be stronger? Last resort is gonna be paint thinner and let it sit. Then rinse and soap like 50 times then let it sit in the sun for a few days to evaporate any paint thinner or residue that might be left

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  3. i mean i haven't used simple green before but agent orange did good work on my bong. problem with your bong is everything in the center is just kind of trapped. you could also like maybe blow a bunch of air through it to try and dislodge anything. id have to see a pic to really give more then a hunch though. i would try simply orange for like 24 hours
  4. Acetone nail polish remover, but the shit REEKS.

    91% isopropyl and sodium chloride is always best no matter what. Just add elbow grease and some shakeweight style college effort ;)
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  5. I would try salt and rubbing alcohol, just make sure that there is no water at all in the bong, water will cause the salt to desolve and you do not want that, also make sure that the salt is fine enough to slip between honeycomb, then shake the shit out of it you need the salt to break up the leaf material making it small enough to slip past the honeycomb.
  6. No amount of alcohol and salt has done the trick. Rock salt or table salt. The only type of alcohol I haven't tried yet is acetone (nail polish) and paint thinner (denatured).

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  7. I'm traveling today. Will post pic late tonight or tomorrow morning.

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  8. The secret for me is HOT tap water. I let it soak for at least 3 min, rinse, add alcohol and when still hot add salt and shake, then repeat.

    Keeping the glass hot via returning under hot water helps monumentally! I only use salt and alcohol just like cleaning units of the past.

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