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  1. Clean homemade oak pipe I made for my girlfriends grandfather for Christmas, he blazes too! Haha but I was in ag class an I was making a table and I kept scraps of red and white oak to make the pipe. It's layers of red and white oak.

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  2. Just wish I coulda smoked it before I gave it to him :/
  3. Can you make me a big ass Gandalf one?  :smoke: 
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    glued together?
    did you check the glues hazmat sheet?
    nice shape, carve a face on one
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  5. I could make a gandaff one but my only problem is my parents lol they let me make that one cause it was for someone else
  6. I didnt really check into it lol it was normal wood glue
  7. That looks amazing. Probably should have looked into the toxicity of the glue though lol Otherwise, great job man! I think that wood glue is pretty natural for the most part. But I know you can get toxic free wood glue. For projects such as pipes, cutting boards, mortar, and pestle etc. Because the more "expensive" ones can be laminated for aesthetic appeal.

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  8. most wood glue is natural and non toxic.
  9. Thanks for the support!

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